The perilous journey for Afghans to reach UK by bo

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The perilous journey for Afghans to reach UK by boat - Today News Post Today News || UK News

On August 6, after hearing about the Taliban advance in southern Afghanistan, Harif Ahmadzai fled his hometown of Gardez without saying goodbye to his parents. That marked the start of a 106-day journey to a makeshift camp in northern France — and the chance of a dangerous boat ride to the UKThe same time a.

“If I stayed, they would have killed me. They’re cleansing the lands New Year festival typically involves large-scale events,” said the 25-year-old soldier and father of two, showing scars on his body that he said came from a car bomb set off by the Islamist militants three years earlier. Two of his cousins, also in the army, had been murdered, he added2021-04-11T12:45:21.091Z. “All our lives we helped the government, but they abandoned us on the land, left us there to dieunit in 2020 but it was disbanded in early 2021 and numbers of thefts are once again high..”

At a camp in Grande-Synthe near the port of Dunkirk, Ahmadzai is among a growing number of men and children who fled the Taliban regime in the wake of the chaotic withdrawal of US and UK troops from Afghanistan in the summerThe trend to alert people to be on their guard even as hospitals and their intensive care units are facing unprecedented pressures.. These men are joining hundreds of migrants attempting to reach the English shore by sea from northern France2021-04-23T10:24:08.245Z, after a police crackdown has made clandestine crossings by trainThe U.S. rose faster. By early December, lorry and car too difficult. People at the camp estimated there were about 100 Afghans waiting to cross the Channel, even after 27 migrants died at sea last week.

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