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The 12th Five Year Plan of energy system reform is expected to substantially solve the problem

the energy system reform issues such as power, coal and oil, which have attracted much attention, are expected to make a substantive breakthrough during the 12th Five Year Plan period

recently, the National Energy Administration organized the research and drafting of the guiding opinions on the reform of the energy system. From December 6 to 10 last year, Wu Yin, deputy director of the national energy administration, led a team to Gansu Province and Chongqing to carry out the research on the reform of the energy system, and listened to the opinions and suggestions of interested parties in eight provinces (autonomous regions and cities) including Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Hubei, Sichuan, Chongqing and Guizhou on the reform of the energy system

according to the research opinions, the leading supplier reform that evaluates the mechanical properties of materials and structural parts and can provide test equipment solutions in the energy system can choose regions with conditions to carry out pilot work. For example, regional or provincial electricity with relatively abundant electricity can be selected as the pilot of power reform, bilateral transactions of large users can be liberalized, and the reform of independent dispatching and trading institutions can be promoted; The central and eastern provinces with insufficient coal resources can be selected to relax the electricity price control, so that the electricity price can reasonably reflect the market price of the coal market from the perspective of wastewater and waste gas emission, and promote the total energy consumption control and industrial structure adjustment

at the recent national energy modified plastics work conference, Liu Tienan, director of the national energy administration, said that in terms of reasonable control of total energy consumption, in the future, we should step up the establishment of decomposition mechanisms and strive to establish an effective and reasonable mechanism to control total energy consumption during the 12th Five year plan period

relevant experts believe that in the current situation of China's energy system, the reform of electricity price system is the most promising. Up to now, China's power system reform has been more than 9 years, but no real market mechanism has been established, and the market-oriented reform is still in the process

as for the franchise of the three major oil companies, the industry has been looking forward to liberalizing it. Although the market does not require you to meet this speed, private enterprises have to enter

the survey also solicited opinions from all parties on the reform of monopoly industries. The survey opinion shows that the franchises of the three major oil companies should be cancelled, and the middle and lower reaches of oil and gas wholesale, retail and other import and export businesses should be liberalized in an orderly manner, so as to form an effective competitive market structure; The government should strengthen the effective supervision of non discriminatory opening and fair access to oil, gas and electricity

in addition, renewable energy management such as wind energy and solar energy will also be put on the agenda. Due to the lack of unified management of hydropower resources in China at present, the research opinions believe that the development right of hydropower resources can be set up, and the paid use, transfer and compensation mechanism of hydropower resources can be established. The development right of renewable energy resources such as wind energy and solar energy should also be gradually established to standardize the interest relationship between the development subject and the government

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