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The 12th Five Year Plan for energy science and technology was released

shale gas, high-capacity and high-voltage power transmission, nuclear energy, wind power and other fields are valued

the National Energy Administration officially issued the 12th Five Year Plan for energy science and technology yesterday. The plan divides exploration and mining technology, processing and conversion technology, power generation and transmission and distribution technology, and new energy technology into four key technology areas, And put the principle of giving priority to efficiency into the planning and implementation of various fields

the plan has identified 19 major projects of energy application technology and engineering demonstration in the above four key technical fields, formulated a technical roadmap to achieve the development goals, and planned 37 major technical studies, 24 major technical equipment The 34 DWC impact test low-temperature tanks are major demonstration projects of special auxiliary refrigeration equipment for low-temperature impact tests and 36 technological innovation platforms

it is reported that this is the first plan issued by the national energy administration after its establishment, and also the first energy science and technology plan in China

independent scientific and technological research of new energy

although the level of energy science and technology in China has been significantly improved, the technology of nuclear 217 steel window core still lags behind the world's advanced level. For example, the main key technologies and equipment depend on foreign countries; The technical system of exploration, exploitation and utilization of coalbed methane and shale oil and gas suitable for China's complex geological conditions has not yet formed; The independent innovation ability of wind power is not strong, and key components such as PVC control system, blade design and bearings rely on imports

for this reason, the plan proposes that by 2015, the company should build an e-commerce platform, form a relatively perfect energy science and technology innovation system, break through the technical bottleneck of energy development, improve the efficiency of energy production and utilization, achieve autonomy in key technologies and equipment required in energy exploration and exploitation, processing and transformation, power generation and transmission and distribution, and new energy fields, and some technologies and equipment have reached the international advanced level

among them, in the field of exploration and production technology, the comprehensive exploration technology of complex geological oil and gas resources, coal and coalbed methane resources will be improved, and the core technology system and supporting equipment for the exploration and development of unconventional natural gas such as shale gas will be formed

in the field of processing and conversion technology, breakthrough the key technology of overweight and ultra-low quality crude oil processing, and achieve the recovery rate of refined light oil of 80%. Independent development of integrated technologies for coal liquefaction, gasification, coal based polygeneration, and purification technologies for special gas, coal to gas, and biomass to gas

in the field of power generation, transmission and distribution technology, realize the complete autonomy of key technologies and equipment for high-capacity and high-voltage transmission, improve the power transmission capacity and the ability to resist natural disasters, and make breakthroughs in smart electricity, intermittent power supply access and large-scale energy storage

in the field of new energy technology, digest and absorb the technology of three generations of nuclear power plants to form reactor types with independent intellectual property rights and related key technologies of design and manufacturing; Master the design and manufacturing technology of MW wind turbine and its key components, and realize the industrialized application of sea-based and land-based wind power; Improve the efficiency of solar cells, develop 100MW level solar energy integration and operation technologies with independent intellectual property rights, etc

It is reported that the plan will be jointly implemented by local energy departments, scientific research institutions and energy enterprises

the plan proposes that local energy departments should select and determine major energy pilot demonstration projects in combination with the major technical research and major technical equipment projects proposed by the plan during the 12th Five Year Plan period. Give priority to the approval of major demonstration projects for the improvement of independent innovation and equipment localization, and formulate corresponding measures and methods. At the same time, tax and preferential policies for the first set of equipment are used to encourage technological innovation and actively promote the construction of demonstration projects

at the same time, the plan takes as its main task the major scientific and technological work that has a certain foundation and can be industrialized during the 12th Five Year Plan period, and deploys major cutting-edge scientific and technological projects that are expected to make breakthroughs in the next 10 years, such as 700 ℃ ultra supercritical units, high temperature and high strength materials, high temperature gas cooled reactor demonstration projects, large-scale advanced pressurized water reactor nuclear power demonstration projects, large-scale energy storage, etc

in addition, the plan also puts forward the development goals of China's energy science and technology in 2020 in the above four aspects. For example, in the field of new energy technology, large-scale advanced pressurized water reactor demonstration power stations with independent intellectual property rights have been built. The design and manufacturing technology of the whole wind turbine and its key components has reached the international advanced level; Develop distributed and intermittent energy systems represented by photovoltaic power generation, and reduce the cost of photovoltaic power generation to the same level as conventional power; Carry out research on multi tower supercritical solar thermal power generation technology and realize the commercial application of 300MW supercritical solar thermal power generation units; Realize the industrialization and high-value comprehensive utilization of advanced biofuel technology

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