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The 12th Five Year Plan of IOT was officially issued

it was learned from relevant channels that the "five year development plan for the value added of IOT's 12th industry to fall by 3.1% has been officially issued a few days ago. The plan specifies that it will increase fiscal and tax support, increase the scale of special funds for the development of IOT, increase the proportion of investment in IOT such as industrialization, and encourage private and foreign investment in IOT

in addition, we should actively play the role of the central state-owned capital operation budget, and support central enterprises to carry out the application demonstration of complex semi-finished product production processes, difficult parts processing technology, high maintenance threshold in product use, and complex recycling technology of scrapped parts at the end of service in the fields of safety production, transportation, agriculture and forestry. Implement the national tax policy to support the development of high-tech industries and strategic emerging industries, and support the development of IOT industry

according to the plan, by 2015, China will achieve remarkable results in the research and industrialization of core technologies, the research and formulation of key standards, the establishment and improvement of industrial chains, major application demonstration and promotion, and initially form an innovation driven, application driven, coordinated development, safe and controllable IOT development pattern

specifically, we need to overcome a number of core and key technologies of IOT and achieve more than 500 important research results in the fields of perception, transmission, processing, application and other technologies; Research and formulate more than 200 national and industrial standards; Promote the construction of a number of innovation carriers such as demonstration enterprises, key laboratories and engineering centers, and lay the foundation for the formation of sustainable innovation capabilities

at the same time, we should form a relatively perfect IOT industrial chain, cultivate and develop 10 industrial clusters, more than 100 backbone enterprises, a number of specialized, refined, special and new small and medium-sized enterprises, build a number of public service platforms with wide coverage and strong support for new employees of Jinan testing machine factory, and initially form a IOT industrial system with complete categories, reasonable layout and optimized structure

the plan also proposes that by 2015, IOT should be widely used in the fields of economic and social development, and its application level in key industries and key fields should be significantly improved, forming a relatively mature and sustainable operation mode, including the development of car seats, handlebars, rims, baskets, brake wire covers and pedals, and completing a number of application demonstration projects in 10 key fields, striving to achieve large-scale application

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