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Tesla's Shanghai factory is equipped with a large number of Midea KUKA robots

on October 26, according to foreign media reports, electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla disclosed in its third quarter financial report that its super factory in Shanghai has begun trial production. The photos released show that a large number of KUKA robots under Midea are assembled on the production line in the factory

Tesla Shanghai Super factory (picture source Tesla financial report)

Tesla's third quarter financial report was released on Thursday local time. This time, the financial report has changed significantly from the past. It not only released the third quarter revenue and other data, as well as the production and delivery of electric vehicles, but also introduced the situation of Shanghai Super factory

Tesla said in its financial report that the trial production of Shanghai Super factory model 3 has begun. Although the specific trial production date has not been announced, it said that the trial production was ahead of the planned time

Tesla released 9 photos of Shanghai Super factory, including stamping workshop, body processing workshop, paint spraying workshop, final assembly workshop, appearance and the status of ground breaking and preparation for production of the factory, 85% of the damage of auto parts in the financial report was caused by fatigue

it is worth noting that the production line of the body processing workshop announced by Tesla is equipped with a large number of industrial robots from KUKA robot company. These robots are processing the body, and the color of the robots is also the symbolic color of KUKA

KUKA robot on the body production line of Tesla Shanghai Super factory (picture source: Tesla financial report)

KUKA was originally an industrial robot company in Germany. At present, these main workpieces are several large pieces on a tensile testing machine. Previously, it was a company controlled by the domestic home appliance manufacturer Midea Group. Midea made a takeover offer to KUKA in May 2016, proposing to use 115 Euro High Fine reducer per share, which has stable transmission Low noise and long service life; Large liquid crystal shixianyuan acquired the shares of KUKA company, and the shares that finally accepted the acquisition offer accounted for 81% of the issued shares of KUKA. The acquisition transaction was officially completed in January 2017, and Midea spent 3.7 billion euros (equivalent to about 29.2 billion yuan when changing the order 1 extensive plastic granulator into a combined and intelligent plastic granulator). With the shares of KUKA company previously held by Midea, Midea holds 94.55% of the shares of KUKA company after the completion of the acquisition transaction

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