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Spectris PLC group, the world's leading supplier of precision instruments and control equipment, held a reception at Regal global East Asia Hotel in Shanghai on June 5, 2008. Mr. John O'Higgins, CEO of the group, said at the press conference "Compared with the international trend in terms of scientific and technological innovation and industrialization, China's precision testing instrument industry still has a lot of room to improve. Spectris intends to launch an investment project of about US $15million in the second half of this year, truly give play to the industry's' leading 'advantage, comprehensively increase investment, accelerate the pace of market development in China, and actively promote the scientific and technological innovation and development of China's precision instrument industry."

this investment means that spectris group will vigorously develop the production scale and industrial platform originally in the country where (1) plastic tensile testing machines were correctly installed, stabilize spectris' market position in China, and strive to bring the latest international advanced technology and first-class professional consulting to China's precision instrument industry. In addition, spectris is considering establishing a research and development center in the future, and some scientific and technological research and development projects will enter China, and the oxidation rate is greater than the decarbonization rate; Heat preservation for 30 ~ 90min

spectris Group executives attended the reception

it is reported that in 2007, spectris group's global sales reached $1.3 billion, and the Asia Pacific market is now the fastest growing region of spectris group, while the continuous growth of sales in the Chinese market is particularly active. By 2007, sales had reached $120million, an increase of 19%, accounting for 9.2% of its global sales. Spectris group pays more and more attention to the Chinese market, not only because of the high sustained growth rate of the Chinese market in the past two years, but also because of China's continuous and rapid development in recent years, the demand for precision instruments is increasing year by year, the market share continues to expand, and has shown a high degree of market maturity, which will ensure that the group's investment in China will have a long-term and stable return

spectris is a company that manufactures precision instruments and control equipment. The group has 13 independent subsidiaries and has their own independent brands, such as HBM brand, which provides complete side-by-side solutions for the automatic control industry laboratory of industrial microcomputer control system in various modes of experimental force, displacement and deformation, Malvern brand, a pioneer in the world particle analysis instrument industry, and so on. The products cover the following four technical fields: material analysis, testing and measurement, analyzer and industrial control equipment, and are in a leading position in these fields. As early as the 1980s, our branch brands such as Bruel Kjaer acoustics and vibration came into the Chinese market because the surface formed a dense SiO2 protective film. Dynamic measurement products have entered the Chinese market. With the world's leading professional technology and patented technology, they enjoy a high reputation in terms of products and applications. Spectris group's Chinese business is in a leading position in the professional fields of acoustic instruments, particle size analyzers, X-ray equipment and so on

Mr. John O'Higgins, CEO of the group, answered questions

spectris China's internal organizational structure adjustment and investment in recent years can be described as drastic and rapid growth. At present, spectris has 850 employees, including 600 in HBM factory in Suzhou alone; From 2005 to 2008, spectris has invested more than US $6million in the production of projects in China. In order to enhance the business vitality and competitiveness of the company, many representative offices across the country have been upgraded to branches in Shenyang, Chengdu, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi'an and Beijing Provide customers with comprehensive services; In 2008, spectris showed full confidence in the Chinese market and relocated its headquarters in China from Hong Kong to Shanghai; Recently, the company will open branches in Wuhan and Shenzhen

"With the development of modern manufacturing industry, precision instrument technology will also face new scientific and technological innovation requirements and development trends. High precision and high reliability put forward higher requirements for precision measurement instruments; as an international high-tech enterprise, spectris has invested 45million pounds in research and development in 2007 to maintain its product research and development advantages and core technology, accounting for 7%-8% of global sales; spectris hopes to work hard to achieve success." China's instrument manufacturing industry, automobile industry, aerospace technology, biological research and other fields have brought the latest international professional consulting and effective business solutions, which are closely connected with China's society and environmental protection with their scientific and technological and economic advantages, helping China's manufacturing industry improve the high-tech content of the industry, surpass International design and manufacturing standards, and grow and seek common development with China's manufacturing industry. "

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