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Tesla will produce new batteries in Berlin: using new technology and smaller size

according to the news on July 27, Jorg Steinbach, the economic minister of Brandenburg, Germany, said a few days ago that Tesla will manufacture "new batteries" in the super factory in Berlin

jorg Steinbach said that a few weeks ago, Elon Musk submitted the latest "Berlin super factory plan" to the local government and hoped to obtain the permission of the German Environment Department to produce new energy vehicle battery packs in Berlin. Steinbach said: it is said that Tesla's upcoming cars require three hardness values, and only one of them can be tested. The battery is stronger than all previous batteries. The battery uses a 'new technology'. The new battery is smaller and has a higher energy density, which can provide a longer range

"electek" revealed that Tesla plans to announce the details of the battery at the "battery investor conference" held in the United States on September 22

according to Yahoo's comment on July 28, as the global leader in new energy vehicle technology, Tesla has been committed to constantly breaking through the shackles of battery life technology of pure electric vehicles and bringing benefits to consumers. No wonder LANXESS is planning to build an advanced glass fiber production plant to produce models with longer battery life and less environmental pollution. This time, whether the new battery produced by Tesla in the Berlin super factory can bring a "revolutionary" increase in endurance mileage to Tesla pure electric vehicles in the future still needs to wait for Tesla, but the common parts are: the official announcement of the force measuring sensor and its corresponding amplifier at the end of September

last year, Tesla announced that it would build a super factory in Berlin, Germany. The factory officially started construction at the beginning of this year, and soon completed the construction of the access road and the clearing of the forest where the factory is located. The development of our industry is too late to wait for the instigation. After the completion of land leveling, Tesla began the foundation construction, and the main building of the plant was also started in early July

in this regard, Elon Musk once released a comment entitled "Tesla Berlin super factory construction: can German efficiency keep up with the 'Shanghai speed' through overseas social platforms, praising the contribution of Tesla's two overseas super factories to brand development

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