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Test drive mining dump truck Yutong heavy industry passed

test drive mining dump truck Yutong heavy industry passed

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Guide: compared with articulated mining trucks of caterpillar, Komatsu, Terex and other brands dedicated to large mines, yt3621 has a large gap in both load capacity and its own technical content, but for the actual operating conditions of domestic small and medium-sized mines, 50t load capacity with super stability and impact resistance

compared with the articulated mining vehicles of caterpillar, Komatsu, Terex and other brands dedicated to large mines, yt3621 has a big gap in terms of load capacity and its own technical content. However, for the actual operating conditions of domestic small and medium-sized mines, the 50t load capacity with super stability, impact resistance and good trafficability is undoubtedly the best choice, The price gap of nearly 10 times is more attractive for users who pursue high income

Yutong, as a wonderful flower in the Central Plains, in addition to its market dominant passenger car products, its YT series mining dump truck has relied on its universal metal material testing machine to make use of a wide range of advanced technologies, safe and reliable performance and efficient services in the fields of mechanical design, development of new materials, procurement and inspection of materials, quality control of products, safety evaluation of equipment and so on, It has won the favor of the majority of users. In the short three years since it was put on the market, the sales have maintained a growth rate of more than 100%, and quickly ranked among the top three in the industry

As a representative product of YT series, yt3621 mining dump truck is unique in that it has the core manufacturing technology of self-made bridge, a key component of mining dump truck, and its large cross-section, high-strength, wide box type welded frame and integral skeleton cab with more safety and comfort have also become its unique advantages different from other competitive products. If you want to experience these distinctive features, come and test drive in person

on site "off-road" pk

in order to most truly reflect the performance characteristics of yt3621, Yutong specially selected the test drive location in the open-pit mining area with the most difficult working environment, and the sudden "timely rain" in the mining area on the night before the test drive made the test drive even more unexpected

at 8 a.m. on August 17, 2011, under the leadership of general manager Zhao of the project Department of Tianju Xinyuan Coal Industry Co., Ltd., Yutong finally arrived at the destination of the test drive after nearly one hour of "climbing mountains and mountains". A Toyota overbearing V8 off-road vehicle provided by general manager Zhao for entering the mountain was also fully utilized after the test drive, and played an important role in the whole test drive process

although the test drive environment became worse due to the rainfall the night before yesterday, a "off-road" competition between mining dump trucks and top-level off-road vehicles on the roads and ramps rolled out by vehicles in the mining area has become a highlight of the test drive. And the result of the game amazed everyone present. In addition to the speed gap, the yt3621 mining truck is no less stable or impact resistant than the Toyota overbearing V8, and the operating comfort and climbing ability under no-load state can even "kill" the opponent

Li Yong (Weibo) (Weibo), general manager of Yutong heavy industry, is not surprised by this performance. In the later communication, he told us that at the beginning of the design of yt3621, the engineers of Yutong heavy industry had actually investigated the actual working conditions of the equipment, and selected the turbocharged and Intercooled Weichai wd12 that met the heavy load of the mine after reasonable matching according to the construction road conditions of the mine If this kind of phenomenon is found, 375 engine (torque reserve coefficient reaches 1.28), DS P 430 pull clutch with high torque reserve coefficient (friction plate outer diameter 430mm, backup coefficient reaches 1.85), 9js180 transmission with high reliability and double reduction full floating drive axle. In addition, the axle adopts the mining axle independently developed by Yutong heavy industry for severe working conditions, and the front axle is an integral I-beam steel casting structure. The front, middle and rear axle housings are optimized by CAE finite element analysis, and are made of high-strength alloy steel and advanced V-method casting process. They have super strong bearing capacity, with a rated load of 13T and a rated load of 25t for the middle and rear axles. The selection and matching of these absolute "hardware" directly determines the super stability, bearing capacity, impact resistance, gradeability and passing performance of this mining truck product

autonomy perfect design

in addition to the overall performance, yt3621 is also unique in other details. The frame adopts the product jointly developed by Yutong heavy industry and universities. This technology adopts advanced software for the professional doctoral team. Through finite element stress analysis and fatigue strength calculation, a brand-new characteristic welded frame structure with large section, high strength, high automation of wide body box and convenient use and adjustment is designed, which increases the service life of the whole machine while improving the comprehensive strength of the frame, such as bending and torsion resistance. The main beam and cross beam are made of heavy truck girder steel, which has the characteristics of large bearing capacity, strong impact resistance, high strength and stiffness, and is more suitable for mine working conditions. The suspension adopts a split balance shaft with patented technology, which greatly changes the stress state of the traditional integrated balance shaft structure. The leaf spring seat adopts a double card structure, which makes the parts more durable and has stronger fatigue resistance and impact resistance. In addition, the design of the carriage adopts the wide body structure design of the mining car according to the needs of different users and working conditions. Compared with the heavy truck, the carriage is longer and wider, and the loading capacity increases by more than 30%. At the same time, the car also adds a preheating function, which can heat the car in winter to prevent soil from freezing on the car, so as to facilitate normal operation in cold areas. The improved carriage structure further improves the strength and stiffness of the carriage itself

the cab adopts a section steel welded frame skin structure with high strength, anti overturning and anti falling objects. This structure not only strengthens the seismic function of the cab itself, but also provides a guarantee for the personal safety of the driver. The cab is connected to the frame with a 4-point suspension structure, the front support point is positioned with a rubber shock absorber, and the rear support point is connected with a rod shock absorber and a locking mechanism. The vibration and noise from the road and the engine can be fully absorbed, effectively improving the operating comfort and impact resistance. The internal configuration of the cab may cause noise due to aging equipment. There is a perfect electronic monitoring system, which can alarm and display the fault code in time when the machine fails. The driver's seat and steering wheel are adjustable, and the seat is equipped with safety belt and head restraint. The whole operating environment is very comfortable. In addition, the cab is also equipped with a hydraulic turnover mechanism to facilitate the maintenance of the engine and the following pipelines. The mechanism also has a self-locking function to ensure the safety of vehicle maintenance and overhaul

the braking of the whole vehicle adopts the double pipe internal expansion drum braking system. During braking, the whole system will act independently on the front, middle and rear axles, and has three functions: driving, parking and emergency braking. The composite internal breathing brake chamber, which combines the service brake and parking brake, has the function of engine exhaust braking, plays the role of gentle downhill driving and dynamic deceleration, reduces the wear of the brake drum, and improves driving safety. In addition, in view of the complex environment in the mining area and the ultra wide characteristics of this model, in order to avoid the possible dangers when reversing and dumping materials, the vehicle can also be equipped with an on-board rear view monitoring system to effectively expand the driver's rear vision and improve the safety and accuracy of operation

yt3621 the appearance of the whole vehicle is more novel than that of similar products. It has both the toughness and strength of mining machinery and the coordination and beauty of new trucks. It is a perfect combination of engineering machinery and automobile appearance design. The interior decoration of the cab is luxurious and exquisite, which truly reflects the design concept of Engineering Mechanization. Streamlined instrument panel, combined instrument and environment-friendly and flame-retardant interior materials together constitute a comfortable operating environment, and the people-oriented purpose is perfectly displayed in the cab

during the test drive, we were deeply impressed by the performance advantages and overall details of yt3621. As an engineering machinery product, it is not easy to have such performance. However, compared with the classic heavy-duty truck with very mature manufacturing technology, yt3621 mining dump truck still has some shortcomings in production technology, but as a mining equipment that has only been on the market for 3 years, it absolutely stands scrutiny. After all, the development process of any equipment technology is gradual. Only by constantly improving and surpassing, can we achieve a higher level of development

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