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Will ternary replace lithium iron phosphate as the mainstream of power batteries

from the perspective of lithium battery technology type, at present, China's power lithium battery technology type is mainly lithium iron phosphate, while Japan and South Korea are mainly ternary materials and manganese series. From the perspective of technology development trend, ternary materials will gradually replace lithium iron phosphate as the mainstream technology route of China's power lithium battery in the future

as early as the second half of 2014, lithium iron phosphate battery was the mainstream battery line of pure electric passenger vehicles. Since the second half of 2014, the research and development of low-cost and high-performance aluminum lithium and aluminum scandium alloys began. Mainstream passenger vehicle enterprises, except BYD and SAIC, have applied ternary lithium batteries to listed vehicles, including Chang'an, FAW, BAIC, Chery, JAC, Zhongtai and other enterprises. The battery capacity of these models ranges from kwh to km

from a global perspective, all parties are constantly promoting the research, development and production of ternary materials. In this process, the material properties have been greatly improved, and the application fields have been expanded again and again. Japanese and Korean enterprises are the leaders in the research and development of ternary materials batteries. The production of ternary materials in China started around 2015, and now there are many large-scale enterprises

III through analysis, it is found that meta materials have excellent characteristics such as high capacity, low cost and good safety, and have a good development prospect in the field of power lithium batteries. With the advantages of high energy density and relatively low cost of ternary materials, ternary materials used in power batteries will become the mainstream in the next 3 to 5 years, and high-end ternary materials power batteries will be in short supply

lfp is the mainstream of passenger car batteries. Due to the large capacity of passenger car batteries and high requirements for the safe passage of a full set of product design and development, car companies are mostly cautious about switching to Sanyuan. Because buses run on a fixed route, the improvement of energy density is not as urgent as passenger cars. Therefore, it is expected that the biggest key factor in the next three years is that LFP batteries with surface treatment will still be the mainstream of passenger car batteries

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