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Tesla acquires German engineering company to build super Factory No. 2 in Europe

Tesla announced today that it has reached an acquisition agreement with grohmann engin, an engineering company located in Prum, Germany, whose process by-product must establish a resource recycling system eering. The company will also be renamed Tesla grohmann automation fixture, which is lined with elastic materials such as rubber. In addition, Tesla CEO Elon Musk also said that Tesla will build gigafactory 2 in Europe. Tesla recently announced that it has reached a purchase agreement with grohmann engineering, an engineering company located in Prum, Germany, which will also be renamed. 1. The key points of the pre use inspection of the plastic tensile testing machine are Tesla grohmann automation. In addition, Tesla CEO Elon Musk also said that Tesla will build gigafactory 2 in Europe

according to techweb on November 9, Tesla said that Tesla grohmann automation will be the headquarters of Tesla highly automated chemical plant in Germany. It is expected that this acquisition will create 1000 positions of senior engineers and skilled technicians in Germany in the next two years

Tesla said that the acquisition agreement also needs to be evaluated by regulators. Tesla hopes to complete the acquisition in early 2017. The specific transaction amount of this acquisition was not disclosed

in addition, musk also said that Tesla plans to select a site for super factory 2 in Europe next year, which will produce batteries and complete vehicles

as for the super factory in Europe, musk said: in the long run, Tesla will have at least one, or two or three, automobile and battery factories in Europe

Tesla's first super factory is expected to start full load operation in 2020, with an annual output of 35billion watt hours, which can be used by 500000 pure electric vehicles. In addition to being the battery supply factory of model 3, the factory will also produce household batteries with Panasonic in the future

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