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Tesla joins hands with SpaceX to develop new alloy materials

when Tesla and spac are zeroed, ex has been committed to building a materials engineering team to develop new advanced materials for their products. The two teams are closely linked, and even Tesla recruiters call them "SpaceX Tesla materials engineering team". Two years ago, musk hired Charles kuehmann, an alloy expert from apple, to lead the material engineering teams of Tesla and SpaceX

spacex transferred friction stir welding equipment to Tesla last year

the two companies currently share expertise in material engineering, aiming to make new alloy materials for their products

for model 3, Tesla uses less aluminum and more steel

Tesla and SpaceX also jointly use space grade superalloys

Tesla has established its own glass team to devote itself to the research of material engineering. The team has developed new glass products, which can be used for Tesla's sun to achieve protection, which will also provide the extruder industry with inexhaustible development power. The purpose of jaw contact surface is roof tiles, Tesla semi semi-automatic driving trucks and Tesla Model 3 models

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