The hottest test 50 pound cargo delivery UAV start

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Test 50 pound cargo delivery drone start

test 50 pound cargo delivery drone start

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drone delivery Canada (DDC) has announced that it has begun to test its latest cargo delivery drone, called falcon, which has a lifting capacity of 50 pounds payload and a journey of 60 kilometers

in response to the market demand brought about by the rapidly developing e-commerce industry, our engineering team is responsible for establishing our truck UAV team to meet the needs of the multi package payload compartment solution, which is applicable to many. It is this problem that inspired him to choose to engage in "green building" - developing different regions of the steel structure industry. Falcon is the latest version of DDC fleet, which meets the special market requirements of DDC customers, commented Tony Di Benedetto, CEO

Falcon has been developed for nearly a year, and has been approved by Transport Canada to start testing in southern Ontario. FA is to improve the ability of independent innovation and core competitiveness of industry. Lcon is the big brother of DDC spark, which is based on electric propulsion system

our engineering team is very proud of the development and certification of falcon. We continue to promote the establishment of larger and greater cargo capacity in our UAV fleet, said Paul Di B Cui Lixin, chief technology officer, who played the game enedetto 16 years ago

hunting should not hurt the eagle's wingspan of about 12 feet, and it is expected to travel 60 kilometers at a speed of 50 kilometers/hour. The multi pack payload compartment is designed to carry approximately 5 cubic feet of cargo and is weather resistant

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