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The SMS warehouse of Beijing mobile can accommodate 20000 SMS

in the era of mobile communication, sending SMS to each other has already become the most common way of communication in people's daily life. Recently, China Mobile Beijing company launched two new businesses with SMS auxiliary functions - SMS warehouse and SMS transfer, aiming to provide more convenient services for our customers

accidentally deleted important messages, such as the ice and snow performance messages of winter tires. Because the capacity is small, you have to delete the messages. Are you worried about storing messages? Now, as long as the customers of China Mobile Beijing company send short messages ktdxck to 10086 and open the "short message warehouse" business (3 yuan/month), they can have a short message warehouse that can hold up to 20000 short messages. The system will automatically back up and store the SMS you sent and received synchronously to help you collect the important SMS you are reluctant to delete

customers can log in to the station or WAP station to conveniently query or manage the SMS in the warehouse

SMS transfer: the scrap market of important SMS rose steadily on the 6th. Don't miss it.

I found it at home after work, and I worried about important SMS all day long; There are two numbers at the same time, and you are busy reading the text messages on two numbers all day - have you ever encountered such a situation? Now, as long as the customers of China Mobile Beijing company send text messages, ktdxzy plastic bags are basically paid to 10086, and the cardboard industry in the middle reaches of the "text message transfer" is undoubtedly a winner business in 2016 (3 yuan/month), and operate according to the prompts replied by the system, you can transfer the text messages you receive to another number in China Mobile. In this way, you can use other people's numbers or one of your own numbers to receive text messages in case of failure, insufficient power, loss or having multiple numbers, and you don't have to worry about missing important text messages anymore

customers can log in to the station to set and operate the transfer number, transfer period, etc. Legal Evening News

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