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Yanyun alcohol anti-counterfeiting bottle caps

Shandong Yuncheng Yanyun metal color printing Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise specializing in the production of various bottle caps, and is a trademark printing unit designated by Shandong Administration for Industry and commerce

the company is an enterprise integrating scientific research and development, design and manufacturing, processing, non alcohol production and sales, with an annual output of various bottle caps 1. It has successfully imitated 8090 and 2091, but two kinds of aluminum lithium alloy billion. Among them, the latest aluminum oxide anti-counterfeiting series covers have beautiful colors, exquisite appearance, exquisite and novel technology, and high-grade taste. They are the ideal choice for alcohol anti-counterfeiting bottle caps at present. At the same time, the plastic ceramics, high molecular polymer materials, aluminum plastic false series bottle caps and aluminum anti-theft series bottle caps produced by the company can effectively play a role in anti-counterfeiting

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