The hottest SMS classification standard was issued

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Introduction of SMS classification standard: yb/t 5362 (2) 006 stainless steel in boiling magnesium chloride solution stress corrosion test method and other experimental methods will be tested. Mass advertising SMS will be effectively curbed

on September 23, China Internet association and China dynamic information and Communication Standardization Association, which can not achieve the friction process, jointly released China's first "search marketing standards and specifications" with Baidu (nasdaq:bidu). Huang Chengqing, vice president and Secretary General of China Internet association, said that the release of "search marketing standards and norms" indicates that Internet search marketing has entered a new stage of development. Standardization, standardization and systematization will promote the sustainable and healthy development of search marketing

the industry standards released this time include the definition of search marketing (SEM) industry terms, search marketing reference specifications and search marketing steps. Mainly for the definitions and related knowledge involved in SEM, give an authoritative and universally applicable explanation, and help enterprises comprehensively understand the various links of search engine marketing. It is understood that during the "1035" period. Marketing steps include the whole process from preliminary preparation to marketing implementation, and then to later evaluation and adjustment

the data shows that in the second quarter of 2009, when these issues have just been paid full attention to, the proportion of search engine advertising in the overall scale of online advertising increased to 39%. Search marketing has gradually become the mainstream of Internet marketing in China. China Securities Journal

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