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Snail will bring obox naked eye 3D and other new hardware to the exhibition. CES

in the United States will focus on measuring deformation; Snail company officially 4 Minimum torque reading: 0.01nm 0.1nm announced that it will bring new hardware products to the CES exhibition in Las Vegas on January 6 next year for the first time. The hardware of snail in this exhibition are all new products that are not on the market, including the upcoming obox game console and two new generation games, one of which supports naked eye 3D. These hardware are integrated into the cutting-edge technology of snail products with independent knowledge. The specific configuration of new products will be announced on the opening day of CES exhibition

snail's new products provide users with high-quality products, complete solutions and excellent technical services. The company's product concept officer

since the acquisition of domestic first-class game mobile terminal manufacturer ruigao in June this year, snail began to enter the mobile terminal hardware industry, and has previously released snail game (78 points P01). The 8-core CPU is used. While having the basic communication function, the sampling of professional batch products should comply with the principle of statistical probability. The game console key design has a combo speed that is 6 times faster than the computer key

through the combination with the card free and traffic free application platform of section 170 and the free store, as well as the action mobile game "Tai Chi Panda", and the offline trial of the national exciting game, the software and hardware system customized for game players of snail game (78 points P01) has been widely praised by the market and has become a leading product in the domestic game market

the new product concept officer has been opened in snail Officer () recently, and more product details will be announced at CES on January 6

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