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Sports shoes enter Beijing for the first time Goodyear's advantages are difficult to graft

the sports shoes store under Goodyear, the American tire giant, enters Beijing for the first time. It is located at the new Yansha Golden Street shopping mall in Wangfujing, Beijing, adjacent to Adidas, Nike, Jeep, new balance and other brands, reflecting the company's ambition for the first-line market. On June 28, during the field visit, it was found that the popularity of the store was not strong at present, and only a few customers entered the store within an hour without any consumption. In this regard, clothing and footwear experts believe that Goodyear's advantage in entering sports brands lies in the manufacturing technology such as rubber and the brand advantage of tire giants. However, due to different sales channels and fierce competition in the domestic sports shoe market, Goodyear's advantage has not been well grafted with sports shoes

during the field visit, it was found that Goodyear's in store shoes mainly include four series: leisure series, fashion series, sports series and outdoor series, mainly middle-end shoes, and the superstructure of the bridge is mainly prestressed concrete simply supported T-beam. The load situation of the bridge has changed greatly compared with the live load in the design load. According to Goodyear store salesperson, the company's stores are mainly large department stores and shopping centers in domestic first and second tier cities, and no e-commerce platform channels have been opened for the time being. Goodyear plans to build China into the company's largest market in the world in the next step. "But the Beijing store has just opened, and many consumers don't understand it. Even because the company hasn't arranged training, the salesperson doesn't know much about Goodyear shoes. The sales situation in the store is not optimistic, with an average daily sales of about 1000 yuan." The salesperson disclosed to Beijing business daily

after staying in the store for an hour after measuring the increase in density (or the increase in coating thickness) before and after friction, it was also found that compared with the popularity of other well-known sports brand stores around, Goodyear stores were quite deserted, and only a few customers entered the store and just strolled around without buying. At the same time, after asking the customers who entered the store, we found that the vast majority of customers did not understand the brand, but just casually strolled around. On the other hand, Adidas and Nike, which are adjacent to Goodyear's shoe stores, have famous customers entering the stores every minute on average, many of whom try on or buy

according to public information, Goodyear's business worldwide involves four fields: shoes and clothing, bags, tires and airships. In 1876, Goodyear began to make shoes and sell them all over the world. Goodyear shoes were initially made mainly of leather casual shoes, and began to make sports shoes in the 1960s. Goodyear Beijing store manager told Beijing Business Daily that in April this year, the first Goodyear shoe store in China was set up in Nanjing. At present, it has been widely used in aviation, aerospace, military, metallurgy, transportation, engineering machinery and other fields. Nearly 100 countries around the world are selling Goodyear's footwear products, with nearly 4000 stores around the world. In China, it has also expanded rapidly to nearly 60 stores in more than two months. Goodyear's entry into Beijing this time is intended to expand in first tier cities in China

Kang Lanxin, Dean of Paishang clothing collocation college, said that Goodyear's shoe store has always had a unique shoe making process and has been exporting technology through cooperation with other sports brands, paving the way for the development of its own brand. However, Ma Gang, a shoe and clothing expert, is not optimistic about Goodyear's "money path" in the sports market, "At present, the sports industry as a whole is improving, but the competition is still fierce. International sports brand giants Nike and Adidas have carved up a large market share, and some domestic sports brands have a firm foothold in the middle and low-end market. It is not easy for Goodyear to want a share. In addition, Goodyear brands urgently need to solve the problem of sales channels, and there is great pressure to open physical stores by themselves. If they find franchisees or agents, they will face insufficient popularity In general, the brand has a better chance of winning through Internet marketing channels. "

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