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Xiaolong 670: it supports excellent performance, camera function and artificial intelligence technology

our Qualcomm Xiaolong 600 series mobile platform has been popular with customers with its support for long battery life, excellent connectivity and ease of use. Xiaolong 670 mobile platform is the latest product of this series, which aims to bring leading technology to mass intelligent consumers who want to make full use of Xiaolong terminal functions

Xiaolong 670 adopts a series of architectures, including Qualcomm kryo CPU, Qualcomm spectra ISP, Qualcomm AI engine and Xiaolong X12 LTE modem, to support high-quality mobile user experience. Compared with our previous generation products, the whole parts can be dried in the air or dried with soft air tubes with clean and dry air. The new mobile platform allows OEM manufacturers to freely add more features and try to build mobile terminals of different sizes. For consumers, this means that they have more options to choose according to their needs

in summary, these features and enhancements support leading AI, photography, and multimedia applications. Next, let's further interpret the advanced features of the new Xiaolong 670 mobile platform

support leading AI technology

as users pay more and more attention to AI, we focus on developing a mobile platform that can provide important support for the new generation of AI features (such as intelligent shooting settings). The DSP used by Xiaolong 670 is the same as that integrated in the higher-level series of mobile platforms: Qualcomm hexagon 685 DSP. This always, always aware mobile platform supports efficient sensor management functions and is an excellent choice for running AI application computing algorithms

the platform also integrates our third-generation AI engine, which aims to provide up to 1.8 times the performance improvement of AI compared with the previous generation products. With its terminal side AI function, it can bring users near real-time response, stronger privacy protection and enhanced reliability, and support even when the terminal is not connected to the network

our AI engine can provide a wide range of frameworks, giving developers more choices in creating better applications and supporting immersive multimedia. This also includes a wide range of tools, such as Qualcomm neural processing SDK and 1, the operating program hexagon neural network (NN). In addition, it supports Caffe, caffe2, tensorflow, tensorflow Lite, and onnx (open neural network exchange)

excellent performance

snapdragon 670 integrated kryo 360 CPU. Because it uses two performance cores (the dominant frequency is up to 2.0GHz) and six efficiency cores (the dominant frequency is up to 1.7GHz), this latest iteration of kryo CPU aims to provide a performance improvement of up to 15% compared with the previous generation products. For users, this means that the terminal equipped with Xiaolong 670 can easily "ride" multiple high-power experiences without seriously affecting battery life

the new architecture supports advanced shooting functions

Xiaolong 670 is the first product in Xiaolong 600 series mobile platform to adopt Qualcomm spectra 250 ISP, which is the second generation product of our iconic ISP. It can support (2) most of the top shooting features for measuring the diameter and height of the specimen only in professional cameras - including noise reduction, image stabilization and active depth sensing

users can also use the Ultra HD video capture function to record video, and its power consumption can be reduced by 30% compared with the previous generation products. In general, the Qualcomm spectra 250 ISP supports a single camera of up to 25million pixels. 2. The electronic universal experimental machine selects crescent shaped samples: crescent shaped samples are pre cut and 16million pixel dual cameras, so that users can capture important moments with ultra-high resolution

fast LTE

snapdragon 670 is equipped with X12 LTE modem, which aims to support faster speed in congested areas and maintain a stronger signal in areas with weak signal coverage. Specifically, the modem supports download speeds of up to 600mbps and upload speeds of up to 150Mbps, enabling users to achieve smooth movie streaming and music downloading

Another advantage of

x12 modem is that it can automatically switch between LTE and Wi Fi, depending on which mode has stronger signal quality and faster speed at that time. This technology can support better voice and video calls, so the call drop will no longer exist. In addition, if the OEM manufacturer chooses to support this feature, the modem can combine LTE and Wi Fi connections to improve the download speed

qualcomm technologies has been developing breakthrough technologies to change the way the world connects and communicates, and Xiaolong 670 mobile platform is no exception. By adopting top-level technologies common in higher-level mobile platforms, the platform has been optimized and will bring flagship features to more users. Its launch brings win-win results to the industry - from OEM manufacturers to users - and also provides opportunities for further innovation, benefiting the entire mobile industry

Xiaolong 670 mobile platform has been launched, and its commercial terminals are expected to be launched later

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