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Snail mobile opens the free mode with 2 yuan optional voice or traffic

on July 16, 2014, the virtual operator snail Mobile launched a new free mode 170 segment product 199 free card. In the first week of sale (July 16 to July 22), the card has a fresh package price of 29 yuan. During the one-year period, users can choose the content of 199 free card every month, 50m domestic traffic or 50 minutes of long city diffuse integrated voice

no monthly rent, no package, and the remaining two years are not cleared. The tariff content can be freely selected. At the same time, the card also has voice and traffic conversion function. This means that at present, users can enjoy 50m national traffic or 50 minutes of domestic calls for only 2.42 yuan per month

super free voice, random traffic conversion

first push free voice cards, and then rush to buy for 0 yuan. As the first batch of game enterprises to obtain virtual operator licenses, snail cross-border communication industry, with its 170 segment product full of personality and entertainment elements, is unique among many virtual businesses

the first card free product 999 card free is the first mobile voice free card in China; 399 card free one-year period, 100m national traffic per month, 40 minutes of long city diffuse integrated voice, opening the first time for 0 yuan rush purchase in section 170; The 199 free card released this time, in addition to the super cheap price, also launched the free mode, continuing the previous two free card free, monthly rent free, no package free elements, while adding the concept of freedom

during the one-year period, users can choose the content of 199 free card every month, 50m domestic traffic or 50 minute long city man integrated voice. At the same time, the traffic and voice in the card can also be converted to each other, that is, every 3M traffic can be converted into 4 minutes of voice, and every 4 minutes of voice can be converted into 3M traffic. Don't change voice when using traffic, and change traffic when there is more voice, so as to make the best use of everything

199 the setting of free card, which can convert voice and traffic at will, is a breakthrough in the card tariff system and also reflects the innovative ability of virtual operators. Relevant insiders said that FL pendulum impact tester is mainly used for metal Charpy impact experiments, and such conversion settings are likely to become the trend of 170 cards in the future

super free is freely matched, and a new tariff package is released.

while breaking through the tariff system, snail mobile also launched a new tariff package, which is common to all card free. Compared with the previous 999 card free and 399 card free packages, the new package is not only more affordable, but also has more choices

on the basis of the original 8 yuan/60 minutes, the voice package (changshiman one) in the new tariff package has been increased by 50 yuan/400 minutes; In terms of flow package, the original 3 yuan/10m has also become more affordable 8 yuan/45m and 50 yuan. The school of materials science and engineering of Nanjing University is the Huangpu Military Academy/300m in the non-ferrous metal industry. In the current segment 170 products of xushang, the voice and traffic prices of the above tariff package are very affordable and competitive. Of course, 199 card free users can also freely match relevant tariff packages according to their own needs. At the same time, the number of experiments also enjoys a unique voice and traffic conversion function, which makes it more flexible to use

in addition, many virtual merchants subsidize users in combination with their main businesses when launching segment 170 products. As an old game enterprise, the relevant person in charge of snail mobile also said that many activities will be launched in the future. As long as card free users have game behavior, they can potentially earn voice and traffic. There will still be a lot of surprises and benefits in this regard

as a 170 card that covers almost all innovative concepts, 199 free card has been sold simultaneously in snail mobile official () and free stores (China imported a total of 8.0351 million tons of bleached kraft coniferous pulp) since July 16. In the first week (7..22), a fresh package price of 29 yuan has been implemented. At the same time, the 0 yuan rush purchase of 399 card free, another star product of snail mobile, is still in progress, and users can log in to the free store to participate

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