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Unannounced visits to the children's furniture market to expose the habitual routines and the truth behind it

unannounced visits to the children's furniture market to expose the habitual routines and the truth behind it

May 16, 2016

[China paint information] International Children's Day is coming. On the eve of the festival, many parents want to buy new furniture as gifts for their children. There are a wide range of children's furniture brands in the market, with different prices, and children's furniture is directly related to the healthy growth of children. When selecting it, it is different from adult furniture, and the standard is more strict

recently, I made an unannounced visit to home shopping malls, investigated many mainstream children's furniture brands in the current market, exposed the "lies" of merchants, understood the "misunderstandings" of shopping, and interviewed experts in the children's furniture industry to make professional interpretations, correctly guide consumption, understand children's furniture, and avoid entering the "pit" of merchants

have you been fooled? Those lies in the children's furniture market...

1 Is it true that it is said to be formaldehyde free and reach the European standard E0

when purchasing children's furniture, most parents are first concerned about safety issues. Safety issues involve whether the material is environmentally friendly and whether it contains formaldehyde and other harmful substances. The response of businesses is this...

: it is said that formaldehyde and other harmful gases are the biggest potential safety hazards of the home. Is your children's furniture guaranteed to be free of formaldehyde hazards

merchant a: we are all solid wood furniture, with authoritative certification, reaching the European standard EO level standard, free of formaldehyde hazards, absolutely environmental protection

merchant B: it is impossible for any furniture to achieve zero formaldehyde. Only food products want to reach the European standard E0 level. Furniture is definitely impossible. I assure you that E0 level is absolutely boasting. We say negatively that we have reached the European standard E1 level and the national standard E1 level

expert answer

senior children's furniture expert guoxiangliang: the European standard E0 level does exist in the market, but few can reach this level. According to the European environmental protection standard, wood products are divided into three levels according to the formaldehyde emission content, namely E0 (formaldehyde emission 0.5mg/l), E1 (formaldehyde emission 0.5mg/i~1.5mg/l), E2 (formaldehyde emission greater than 1.5mg/l)

e1 environmental protection standard is a national mandatory health standard, and E0 standard is the highest international health standard (excluding Japan). According to relevant data, the formaldehyde content of drinking water is 0.9mg/l, that is, the formaldehyde content of E0 standard is less than that of drinking water

2. Solid wood children's furniture must be more expensive than panel children's furniture

after visiting many brands, we found that children's furniture is mainly solid wood, and some panel furniture. There are great differences in style and price between panel furniture and solid wood furniture. What are their advantages and disadvantages? Board or solid wood

: Why are all solid wood children's furniture generally much more expensive than panel furniture? What's good about all solid wood

solid wood Merchants: the board is made of medium density fiberboard or particleboard by surface veneering and other processes. A large amount of synthetic rubber is used, which is easy to exceed the standard of formaldehyde, is not environmental friendly, is harmful to children, and the service life of the board is not long. All natural solid wood furniture must be much safer than panel furniture. The most important thing is its materials, and the service life of solid wood is longer

panel businesses: if it's not solid wood furniture, it must be more expensive than panel furniture. Panel furniture is rich in changes in shape, fashionable in appearance, and not easy to deform. It's also a misunderstanding to think that panel furniture is easy to exceed the standard of formaldehyde and is not environmentally friendly. Panel furniture can also avoid these problems through high-quality technology and environmentally friendly materials, while furniture known as all solid wood is not necessarily solid wood, and solid wood painting is also harmful to health

consumers: confused

expert answer:

Senior children's furniture expert guoxiangliang: solid wood children's furniture and panel children's furniture are mainly compared in five aspects: style, maintenance, environmental protection, disassembly and assembly, and price

style: the style of solid wood is simple and natural, and the shape is small. Panel children's furniture has more changes in shape design, which can better highlight personality

maintenance: relatively speaking, panel furniture is not prone to deformation and fracture. The high-quality finished plate has high density, compact structure and stable physical properties. The main disadvantage of solid wood furniture is that it is easy to deform and difficult to maintain. For example, you can't let the sun shine directly, you can't be too cold and overheated, and an overly dry and humid environment is not suitable for solid wood furniture

environmental protection: the disadvantage of panel furniture is just "unnatural". Artificial veneer lacks natural variability, and its chemical composition has a short life; When making artificial boards, additives and adhesives are often used. If the furniture is not treated well when veneering and edge banding, there will be hidden dangers of pollution. Solid wood furniture uses natural wood, which is more natural in appearance, strong and durable, green and environmental friendly. (generally, solid wood furniture with qualified production technology) does not contain artificial additives, and there is no potential pollution hazard

disassembly and assembly: panel furniture usually adopts various metal hardware, which is very convenient for installation and disassembly. Panel furniture with high processing precision can be disassembled and installed for many times. Solid wood furniture usually uses adhesives, and the finished products generally cannot be disassembled, which is very inconvenient when moving

price: the price of board is generally far lower than that of solid wood, but it also depends on the brand. For example, generally speaking, the price of the wardrobe of domestic famous brand furniture is about 10000 yuan. However, it is undeniable that the price of imported panel furniture at the initial stage of the launch of some experimental machines with excellent workmanship and novel styles may be far higher than that of rough solid wood furniture

3. Pine, juniper, birch... Silly can't tell. What kind of wood should I choose

even solid wood children's furniture, many tree species are also dazzling. There are pine, juniper, birch, rubber wood... Even pine furniture, but also Finnish pine, Mongolian Scotch pine, Russian pine, New Zealand pine, etc... the prices of different tree species vary several times. Businesses defend their own wood, and consumers are inevitably confused

identify different tree species

: with so many kinds of wood and so great price differences, which one should be better

juniper Merchants: juniper has good toughness, elasticity, durability, and aroma. It is a high-end material for furniture, but its origin is rare, it is difficult to make wood, and its output is small, so the price is not cheap. Pine wood is soft, easy to crack and deform, high moisture content, easy to mold, and easy to lose paint and change color for a long time. It is a fast-growing tree species, so the price is relatively low, and the market is a penny for a penny

pine Merchants: pine is the wood designated by the United Nations for children's furniture, and other wood is not the mainstream. The pine wood is soft, and children are not easy to be injured when bumping. The shape is simple and generous, the lines are full and smooth, natural and beautiful, and the natural wood stripes are more environmentally friendly and healthy without unnecessary decoration. And we use imported Finnish pine, which is better than Mongolian Scotch pine and New Zealand pine

expert answer

Senior children's furniture expert guoxiangliang: in terms of price, the quality of solid wood technology and the price of wood directly affect the price of solid wood furniture. Therefore, when choosing solid wood furniture, we should first look at the material. The higher the grade of solid wood and the better the technology, the higher the price of furniture. Generally speaking, in terms of price, there are also great differences between different wood producing areas of the same kind of wood. The smaller the relative output is, the longer the lumber period is, and the price of wood with better quality is much higher than that of ordinary wood

4. They all say that they use "water-based paint", and they also say that they don't paint. How can they tell

according to the field observation, the paint type of children's furniture is marked with the word "water-based paint", and some even claim that they are painted with environmental friendly vegetable oil and do not paint. Can the furniture not be painted? What is water-based paint? How to distinguish water-based paint

: have these children's furniture been painted? What kind of paint is it? Is it safe and environmentally friendly

merchant a: water based paint is a new environmental protection material with water as diluent. Water based paint replaces paint. It does not contain toxic heavy metals, is non-toxic, has no irritating smell, is harmless to human body, and does not pollute the environment. We have authoritative reports proving that our furniture uses water-based paint

merchant B: our children's furniture doesn't brush any paint at all. As long as we brush paint, we can't avoid the harm of paint more or less. Even water-based paint, and water-based paint is classified. Without specifying the type, it may be shoddy. It's really safe and environmentally friendly to abandon paint and use vegetable oil

expert answer

senior children's furniture expert guoxiangliang: water based paint uses water as thinner, non-toxic, tasteless, green and environmental protection. When buying furniture, how to judge whether it is water-based paint or oil-based paint

a. from the appearance of the product, the water-based paint can be seen from the hardness of the film (film), which is relatively soft and tender; The color is soft and natural

b. the most obvious feature of water-based paint is that there is no peculiar smell from the product smell. Generally, after the cover is opened, the smell of water-based wood paint is very small, with a little grease fragrance

c. ask for evidence. When purchasing furniture, try to guide the buyer to ask for the "product use 2. Manual for evaluating" dynamic conflict "and" test report ", and check whether the paint column indicates the use of water-based paint

in addition, there are furniture on the market that do not need to be painted and replaced with oil. For example, wood wax oil is a natural wood coating similar to paint but different from paint. It is mainly composed of refined flax oil, palm wax and other natural vegetable oil and vegetable wax. Therefore, it does not contain toxic ingredients such as benzene, formaldehyde and heavy metals, and has no pungent smell. It is suitable for the maintenance and decoration of various indoor and outdoor wooden furniture and wooden houses

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