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SMS launched foaming film extrusion equipment

SMS machinery manufacturing company in Vienna recently provided its seventh polystyrene foaming equipment to Italy through experiments. An Italian plastic factory uses polystyrene foam film to produce thermoformed food trays on a double machine series foaming extrusion equipment. In SMS, people are striving to seize more market share in food packaging. In addition to extrusion equipment, SMS also provides various special equipment for the production of laminated plastics, films or thermoformed parts

the Italian plastic factory produces 1.2-6 mm thick polystyrene foamed plastic on this equipment, with a mass of 65 kg per cubic meter. The total production capacity of the foaming film equipment is 480 kg per hour. Because the SMS scheme has two extrusion heads in series: in the primary extrusion head called "contracool" and "reverse cooling", polystyrene and related additives are weighed through a five kinds of raw material metering system, so that the above mixture is first plasticized and homogenized, and then a high-pressure metering pump with three nozzles injects gas into the plastic melt, Through a sieve exchanger and a mixing tube, the vaporized melt is pumped into the "hydrocool" and "liquid cooling" secondary extrusion head. After entering the melt in the extrusion head, the measurement is homogenized again and cooled first

when the maximum temperature is 110 ° C, the melt is ejected through a circular nozzle with a diameter of 135 mm and expands in the form of a foam film, and then the film slides over an internal cooling fine pressing rod and the lower air cooling ring. Therefore, the shrinkage of foam film is due to the fact that its operators in 1. This equipment must receive corresponding training. The two large upstream chemical projects in the Gulf of Mexico and Saudi Arabia in the United States have been completely completed and put into operation last year. To accurately control the constant friction and wear testing machine is the problem of the switching point between stress speed and strain speed. The longitudinal cutter installed on the fine pressing rod cuts the annular film into two 90 mm wide strip films, which are then rolled into a disk and put into storage

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