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SML Lanjing multi-purpose 4.4m ultra wide extrusion coating and lamination production line was put into operation in March, 2006. At present, the world's most advanced high-speed co extrusion coating production line of Austrian SML Lanjing company was put into operation in Qingdao. It can produce waterproof materials, rainproof tarpaulins with a width of 4.4m for various wide smooth, foggy and embossed surfaces, as well as composite products with 5 layers of different material structures. After adopting the width adjustment system, the narrowest product can be produced with a width of 2.4 meters

the production line adopts standardized units for modular design, which not only meets the special needs of the market, but also can easily adjust the production route and production process according to the needs of customers. Through the coextrusion process, various single-layer materials are combined in a specific way to extrude the relevant bonding layer, so that the new product has a brand-new characteristic, according to the introduction of the Mongolian Minister of culture, tourism and sports, Olympic Geller. Such as: stability of tension, stability of contraction, good printability, good barrier, etc. The vast majority of coating and laminating products can be produced by CO extrusion coating process on this production line

the production line includes coextrusion unit, automatic die unit equipped with automatic width adjustment system, automatic thickness measurement unit composed of two different thickness measurement units, corona treatment unit, full-automatic shaftless unwinding unit equipped with high-speed bonding device of thermal conductivity and full-automatic winder. It can be expanded into a series coating and lamination production line at any time, so that it has glue application, lotion coating, hot melt glue coating, product surface dust removal, product cold perforation Special function after flame treatment or ozone treatment waiting for basic drying

the main features of this production line include: each extruder is equipped with a melt pump and a weight weighing system to ensure the stability and constancy of the melt extrusion volume when the speed of the production line changes, as well as the accuracy of feeding and mixing different raw materials according to the preset ratio, so as to save raw materials and ensure the consistency of product quality; The large-scale automatic turret unwinder adopts shaftless unwinding and direct torque drive. At high speed, it can complete full-automatic rewinding without slowing down; Semi automatic double position unwinder, equipped with bonding device, can automatically change the coil at the limit speed; The automatic die head with cavity width adjustment system and edge thinning optimization system is adopted, and the thickness measurement system suitable for different thicknesses is equipped, which can automatically adjust the die head gap, etc

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