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The real version of "terminator": Spain has developed the first self-healing plastic

for more than 20 years, the T-1000 robot that automatically closes the wound after being injured or shot in the film Terminator 2 has always been impressive. According to the British Daily Mail on September 16 (Beijing time), Spanish scientists claim to have developed the world's first self-healing polymer, which can be rebuilt spontaneously, and is called the real terminator. At present, one of its most practical applications is to significantly extend the production and service life of automobiles, houses, biomaterials and electrical components, reduce the amount of packaging waste, and improve safety

the new self-healing thermosetting elastomer was developed by scientists from the electrochemical technology center in San Sebastian, Spain. The self-healing silicone elastomer previously developed by scientists requires silver nanoparticles as a crosslinking agent, which is very expensive, and external forces must be applied in the process. Now they have used very common polymerization starting materials and simple and cheap methods to develop. The newly produced polymer is the first spontaneous and independent healing material that can be sold without catalyst and intervention induction

in the experiment, researchers cut a section of sample material and then pushed it back together. Within two hours, 97% of the samples have healed, which seems to be completely fused, and it is still firm when stretched by hand to both ends. Scientists of the center, alez ricondo, Robert Martin and others, said that the breakthrough of new materials is that they show quantitative self-healing efficiency at room temperature without any external intervention such as heat or light

researchers also pointed out that this material can significantly improve the life and safety of plastic parts in any household appliances. In view of the application of polyurea urethane polymer in some commercial products, this new material will play a practical value in industrial systems very easily and quickly

at present, the new material is called the terminator by Spanish researchers, because the polymer behaves as if it were alive and always heals itself. 1. It includes actual operation impact experiment, lightning impact experiment, steep wavefront impact experiment, which is very similar to the robot creativity in the film Terminator 2. In this film, there is a very famous T-1000 liquid metal killing machine in the future. It is composed of reducible memory materials. Wang Wei said that the whole body can deform at will, and can restore itself on the spot after being destroyed. It can also be rebuilt if lost. Its characteristics have always been talked about by science fiction lovers

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