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City gas pipe control system

--------- application case of Zhejiang Changxing natural gas pipeline city gate station

system introduction:

Changxing natural gas distribution pipeline city gate station is an important part of Changxing natural gas distribution pipeline. Its main process requirements are to monitor the inlet pressure, outlet pressure and natural gas temperature in real time, and at the same time, local indication of pressure, temperature and flow plus centralized control in the remote transmission station, With safety cut-off and safety release functions; And the electric ball valve can be operated remotely and gas detection alarm. The use of the international configuration software WebAccess has laid a solid foundation for the future expansion of the system (communication with the central control room)

Figure 1 Schematic diagram of the station control system of the gate station

the main functions that can be realized by the system:

detect the inlet and outlet pressure and temperature, and display the alarm in the control room

the electric control valve can be controlled by manual operation and local electric control operation

combustible gas leakage detection and fire detection and alarm system shall be set in important places

ups power supply ensures the continuous operation of the system

set the flow corrector, and the RTU reads the flow information of the flow corrector through the serial port

find other materials to make plastic reserved public (PSTN) and conduct data communication with the dispatching control center

establish station level real-time database and historical database

display process parameters, operation status, simulation flow chart, real-time trend and historical trend

print operation report and accident status report

diagnosis and monitoring of system and communication faults

system structure:

the monitoring system of February 29 station is composed of WebAccess configuration software as the core. The gate station is composed of RTU, monitoring computer, RTU, modem, UPS, line arrester and IP65 chassis

the monitoring computer is connected with RTU through serial port: collect, display, store process parameters and equipment operation status, return to control (realize closed-loop control), and establish station level database

the system structure is shown in Figure 1

system configuration software:

the human machine interface (HMI) software WebAccess of American broadwin company is selected for monitoring software configuration

webaccess is a set of international configuration software developed completely based on Web, which is used for industrial automation, process control and management monitoring

webaccess allows users to use standard browsers to monitor automatic equipment in industrial sites, factory manufacturing, process control and building monitoring, and can realize history, event processing, alarm recording, video and report forms respectively. Users can use the drawing tools provided by WebAccess to add graphics, colors, text descriptions or animations to each button in the toolbar, fully integrating personalized design

webaccess software features:

1 Free unlimited client

2. Time-saving, labor-saving and money saving remote diagnosis and maintenance

3. Optimized vector graphics format and easy to operate drawing

4. The pipe process can be viewed remotely, and Hackett reported to us the number of opportunities to do so, the operation status of the equipment and other matters

5. High real-time network monitoring

6. In case of fault alarm, the system will prompt the operator through the alarm screen and sound, and the graphics of the equipment in the screen are displayed in red, so that the operator can confirm the alarm and deal with the fault in time

7. The monitoring program can print alarm information and some related reports at any time

8. The integration of software is compact and the application is more convenient

9. High reliability

webaccess software meets the development requirements of gas monitoring software, and is an ideal gas pipe test with high repeatability; The latter is cheap monitoring program configuration software

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