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Injection molding machine control system scheme 2: closed loop control system

closed loop control system is mainly applicable to the control of high-end precision injection molding machine. It can realize the full closed loop control of injection molding processing process, so as to ensure that the machine runs in the best state and the product quality reaches the best. The main difference between the classical control system and the conventional control system is that it uses a special SIMATIC cpu614 as its control host. Cpu614 has built-in special control technology software, which integrates the technical essence of Siemens in the control of injection molding machine. Its main control functions are as follows:

input signal management

-- or measuring the rotation angle of the spring under a constant torque -- Calibration of position signal and control of any channel electronic

-- ruler position detection, And it is equipped with disconnection

--- check function

speed filter

--- provide two speed

--- filters for the calculation of speed control, namely bandwidth measurement and variable bandwidth

speed detection

--- set and control screw

--- speed in the proportional control stage, Speed can be determined according to frequency detection and

--- bandwidth detection

output signal management

--- this function can automatically realize the linearization output control of nonlinear hydraulic

--- pressure valve, And it can realize

-- Calibration of control signal

time slope of output control signal

-- characteristics of various valves

-- direct control signal output

cam controller

stroke control

-- to determine the stroke with 10 stroke points and time, And the travel point can be extended to any number of points

adaptive temperature control

--- the temperature control function can automatically adjust the control parameters according to the different screw barrel, different materials and other factors affecting the temperature control, so as to ensure the best control effect

closed loop control

--- the closed loop control function is to use the standard PID controller to realize the operation and position control of multi-level stroke, and can realize the glue injection speed control, cavity pressure control, pressure maintaining pressure control, back pressure control

quality control

--- automatic quality control monitoring and automatic defect detection are based on the glue injection speed, cavity pressure, pressure maintaining

recording curve

-- user-defined recording curve, including: set value curve, actual value curve, and classic characteristic curve. In addition, there is the running trend curve

switching control logic

--- in controlling the conversion condition from glue injection to pressure maintaining, which is only the life of hydraulic fatigue testing machine will be significantly affected. There are many conversion standards to choose from

variable pump control

--- the control of up to 16 stages of pump volume can be achieved through the combination of several variable pumps. The check lever itself should be statically balanced

--- users can choose some or all of the above functions according to their needs, and cooperate with the use of some user programmable programs

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