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How about real use evaluation tcl65v2 TV? Why is tcl65v2 cheap

TCL TV, as a popular brand in the market, many friends must know its function and quality. Read the evaluation post on this TCL 65v2 65 inch 4K all metal ultra-thin high-definition TV, and share the real use evaluation of tcl65v2 TV, for the following friends. The PPS market in Europe is rapidly expanding. Friends can choose to refer to it

Evaluation of the real use of tcl65v2 TV:

after the arrival of tcl65v2 TV, I first felt that the appearance color of this galaxy Gray was very textured. The TV was good. They could be used to compare different plastics. They not only promoted the development of science and technology of graphene and related materials, but also color was affordable. Voice function is also very useful. The function of remote control linking set-top box is a selling point, so there is no need for two remote controls. The main reason is that it's big enough, or the big screen looks cool without jamming, the definition is OK, the sound quality is good, the cost performance is good, and it's worth buying! Turn to more user reviews and feel the advantages and disadvantages for the reference of friends who need it later

configuration features: artificial intelligence 2.0 10.2mm ultra-thin, 16GB large memory, anti blue light eye protection

price: the promotional price of this tcl65v2 TV in tmall TCL flagship store is ¥ 3399.00, with tmall 200 yuan coupons; The promotion price in JD mall is ¥ 3199, and the price difference is not big. Friends who need it may wish to pay attention

summary of advantages and disadvantages:

advantages: the ultra-thin body of 10.2mm has excellent imaging effect; AI voice remote control can enrich your experience and understand your needs; 4K Ultra HD resolution makes it easy for you to enjoy the beauty of color; Natural light and anti blue light, better protect your eyes; With rich interfaces and large 16g memory, you can enjoy the fun of intelligence

disadvantages: through the use of this period of time, no other disadvantages have been found

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