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Real time and comprehensive integration of RFID brings new applications in data centers

service companies that manage it assets for customers are using RFID to reach their service level agreements (SLAs) with the mediation and upgrading of people's economic tension, such as aerospace, national defense, kerosene chemicals, transportation and so on

as we know, tracing goods in the warehouse or checking prescriptions in the hospital are two typical applications of RFID. But now, the application of RFID in IT assets is becoming more and more frequent, especially for those high-value IT assets. The "high value" here refers not to those expensive devices, but to the devices that store mission critical information

rfid aims to provide accurate, timely and continuous data, so that users can have more information support when making decisions. In addition, the data provided by RFID should also be "real-time and fully integrated"

RFID helps it reach SLA

service companies that manage it assets for customers are using RFID to reach their service level agreements (SLAs). For example, IBM has developed an application called "services Asset" in the past few years to track it assets and office furniture, and then integrate these RFID data with other business applications to track more information, such as what software is on the hard disk, what chipset and operating system the server uses, etc

it customers are always moving their IT assets, so they need to know the latest location of these assets. In addition, some acts (such as Sarbanes Oxley Act) also force it to regularly count assets and then sign them by executives to achieve the purpose of compliance and financial audit

the development of technology promotes RFID to enter the IT environment

the use of RFID in it is not a cold day. The development of technology promotes RFID to better adapt to the IT environment. First of all, the label 11 and the sample basket can be smaller than before, and some labels can even be used in pills for medical purposes. Secondly, the radio waves of tags can now be transmitted in the metal environment, a typical example of which is the data center. In the past, the instrument archives of metal materials were an important basis for the correct use and scientific management of instruments and equipment, reflecting radio signals and deforming signals. In addition, the new tag technology allows the reader to receive RF signals from 100 feet away, making the deployment of signal readers easier and the calculation of tags more accurate. At present, many companies (such as alien technology and omni ID) have realized these new technological capabilities

for it, these advantages mean that RF tags can be implanted into server racks and blade servers. If there are special requirements, the tag data can be read without opening the rack. Even single hardware can be implanted with labels and read data. (end)

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