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Real time voice and video processing technology

global IP solutions (Gips) develops world-class voice and video processing solutions for data envelopment. Gips software provides appropriate and flexible functions, which are easy to integrate on all platforms. By applying Gips technology, network operators, service providers and hardware companies can develop unique products, reduce customer churn opportunities and increase customer satisfaction

Global IP solutions products

media engine

Gips voiceengine PC is a full-featured voice processing framework specially designed for computer platforms, which solves problems such as delay, packet loss, jitter and echo, and handles all voice related work of non real-time operating systems

voiceengine mobile is a full-featured voice processing framework designed for intelligent, dual-mode, personal digital assistant (PDA) and other platforms. It supports operating systems including Symbian, windows mobile, ose and iPhone

voiceengine ata/ip phones are chips, hardware devices - including iad/off, IP and wireless device vertical clamping: single number display double number display full-automatic microcomputer controlled horizontal clamping: double number display single number display full-automatic microcomputer controlled tension and compression disc single number display double number display full-automatic microcomputer controlled static characteristic test sorting load sorting height sorting composite sorting high frequency fatigue tension and compression fatigue low frequency fatigue mechanical electro-hydraulic servo change fatigue for embedded voice processing, It can support a variety of hardware platforms and operating systems

voice conferenceengine is a powerful and complete server based extension of Gips voiceengine technology, which can handle all functions related to bridging in the conference network, including transcoding and mixing of broadband and narrowband voice

voice mediationengine is a server based transcoding and jitter processing solution, which is used in media devices, shutdown or monitoring applications. VME uses Gips codec or standard ITU codec to improve voice quality at the terminal of IP network, and supports any standard server platform

video engine PC is a complete high-quality voice and video solution

video conferenceengine enables high-quality real-time audio and video conferencing. This product includes all voice and video processing functions and features of traditional video conference bridging equipment, supports multi location scalability, and provides mixing and relaying of dedicated and standard video codec streams


neteq Gips began to provide efficient and high-quality pre-sales and after-sales services and flexible and stable logistics services for customers at home and abroad. It is a one-way embedded solution that can provide advanced jitter buffer and packet loss concealment functions even in poor voice network conditions

gips voice quality enhancement (vqe) improves the call quality of VoIP by removing echo and noise and adjusting the scale, so as to achieve a stable and comfortable listening level

audio and video codecs

gips supports standard audio and video codecs, and also provides several unique codecs with the above hardness, which are often required and the most stringent. The audio and video codec suite includes broadband and narrowband, which can deliver robust and clear sound in case of severe packet loss. When combined with Gips neteq, it can effectively control delay and jitter

audio codecs: iLBC, enhanced G.711, ISAC, ipcm WB and more than 20 standard codecs

video codecs: lsvx, H.264, H.264 SVC (scalable video codec)

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