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Ntb300 multi-function pilot coater control system

main technical parameters:

1, maximum coating width: 300mm

2, mechanical speed: m/min

3, drying temperature: ℃ (especially up to 300 ℃)

4, power supply: 220V 50hz

5, power consumption: (special 13kw)

6, paper tube: inner diameter 75.2mm

7, weight: 850kg

use features:

1 It can be applied to various coating systems with glue liquid viscosity of 1t or above, 000cps and coating amount of UM

2. The required samples can be coated continuously with a small amount of paint or glue (one cup)

3. Realize segmented drive with Siemens variable frequency speed regulation

4. Various operating conditions of the automatic control system are displayed with data, which can easily and correctly collect various test data

5. Control the wind speed of the fan through the variable-speed motor

6. The hot air circulation system in the milling process can make the temperature distribution uniform and reach the required coating temperature within a very short interruption time of blast furnace and reverberatory furnace

7. All operating parts are open and easy to operate

8. Electromechanical compact design (1.25m × 1.44m × 1.95M), which does not occupy the site

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