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New trend of pharmaceutical carton (box) packaging in the international market

marketing trend of specialization and joint venture

in the west, there has been a trend of specialization and joint venture in the pharmaceutical carton industry. For example, Europe and some international markets have been contracted by four large European box making companies: European copaphaym company, which belongs to copaco packaging group and is composed of eight cooperative companies and several associated companies in six countries; Pharml pact is a joint venture of 20 factories in 6 European countries; Boxmore is a packaging enterprise in Ireland; Field is a British group managed by American businessmen. They benefit from each other in terms of the scale effect of production and the guarantee of product quality. Especially in standardization, technical exchange, marketing and other aspects, they also communicate with each other and make common development and progress

joint venture is not only aimed at the market, but also at the standardization of product quality. For example, GPV pharmaceutical packaging group, which is composed of 19 companies in Germany, implements the quality verification of "GMP pharmaceutical packaging" of ral, which has exceeded the ISO9001 standard. Orders from overseas can handle many unnecessary bills, which comply with the regulations of FDA or fqgc. In addition, they also cooperate in research work. For example, GPV group has a "drug safety" research group, which once formulated an industry standard for the transportation and packaging of boxed drugs. This standard transport carton enables drugs to be automatically boxed on the production line

changes in the form, specifications and varieties of pharmaceutical cartons (boxes)

with the relatively strict standard requirements of blister packaging in experimental machines in the pharmaceutical packaging industry around the world, it is widely used and growing trend, providing a potential market for the development of pharmaceutical cartons (boxes). The market growth potential of drug carton (foil) packaging is mainly the improvement of quality and design. This change mainly comes from high value-added drugs, which has also won the favor of many well-known automobile and bus manufacturers. The quality of packaging carton (box) should be consistent with the price of drugs. Many pharmaceutical enterprises not only need cartons (boxes) to play the role of packaging and trademark universal material testing machine, also known as universal tensile machine or electronic tensile machine, but also increasingly hope to get feedback from patients from packaging cartons. For example, the western pharmaceutical service company has designed a filling column on the drug packaging box for patients to feed back information; Some companies have carefully designed attractive carton styles and introduced new carton concepts

due to the different specifications of drugs, there are about 30000 kinds of cartons (boxes) used, making the average processing quantity of each batch of cartons not more than 40000. Therefore, the "European Pharmaceutical carton Research Association" conducted a factory survey on the varieties of blister tablets, put forward factory suggestions and received the support of pharmaceutical manufacturers. The size of blister cartons has been reduced from more than 9000 to 57 standard sizes, which has brought benefits to pharmaceutical enterprises and box making enterprises

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