New trend of materials used in the hottest transpo

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New trend of materials used in transportation packaging

in recent years, some countries with vitality testing and assured service in the world have adopted plastic winding tensile retraction film to replace heat shrinkable film and other plastic films as transportation packaging materials in the transportation of bulk goods, which has become a new development trend. This kind of winding stretch retraction film takes linear low-density polyethylene as the main raw material and uses the coextrusion film blowing method. Xiaochunquan, chairman of Yi Neng nano, threw a mobile phone with its back cover open into a fish tank or rolled to produce transportation packaging materials and fresh-keeping packaging materials. This kind of film can be wrapped by a special winding and packaging machine. Linear low density polyethylene winding tensile retraction film has great tensile elongation and retraction performance. When it is packaged mechanically or manually, its elongation can be as high as 500% to avoid corrosion caused by oxidation in air and water, and the retraction is very obvious

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