New trends in the development of liquid packaging

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New trends in the development of liquid packaging bags in the domestic market

liquid packaging bags can be used to fill asphalt, paraffin, rosin, solid alkali and other materials that are liquid at high temperature and solid at room temperature, as well as thick materials such as paint and coating. They have low cost, high strength, acid resistance, alkali resistance, high temperature resistance (450 ℃), moisture resistance, can prevent the surface aging of the packaged materials, anti-virus, anti-corrosion, and are neat with many stacking layers (higher than 20 layers) It is convenient for transportation (especially railway and sea transportation) and loading and unloading, saves storage and transportation volume, is convenient for filling and does not make the skin warm and sticky when opening the bag, can realize civilized production, and the discarded old bag is free of harmful substances and easy to recycle. It can be used for the packaging of dangerous goods

the materials used to make liquid packaging bags mainly include kraft paper, plastic woven cloth, non-woven cloth, chemical fiber cloth, rubber, plain cloth woven from cotton and hemp, vinylon water soluble yarn, composite film, etc. the inner surface of the bag barrel is compounded with high temperature and coated with high temperature resistant and anti sticking materials

recently, the production of liquid flexible packaging bags with various kinds of reinforced paper and other materials has shown its characteristics and has initially formed a trend

the upper end of the liquid packaging bag is made into an open, and the large-size packaging bag is made with a bottleneck thermosetting plate loading port, which is sealed after filling. The bottom of the bag is sealed, with high firmness and tightness. The bag body can be reinforced with metal strips

the liquid packaging bags used to package building petroleum asphalt, ordinary petroleum asphalt and road petroleum asphalt have been promoted. Several petrochemical enterprises in China have begun to use them, and several bag making enterprises have developed several different types of asphalt packaging bags, some of which have formed industry standards, and some of which have enterprise standards

Recently, a kind of packaging bag for liquid alkali and solid alkali has been developed

alkali with large water content is commonly known as caustic soda. When users use it in large quantities, they often use a special tank car for heat preservation to transport it. After reaching the destination, it is released by pipeline for use. Or use iron bucket packaging. The successful development of solid alkali packaging bag has changed the old appearance of solid alkali packaging, improved the product grade, increased benefits, solved the inconvenient problems in the process of storage, transportation and use, and reduced unsafe factors

filling thick materials with packaging bags can also save the floor area and transportation costs of filling, cooling and storage

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