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New trends in graduates' Employment: we must be alert to "machine replacement"

new trends in graduates' Employment: we must be alert to "machine replacement"

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original title: new trends in graduates' Employment: we must be alert to "machine replacement"

since 2010, the number of college graduates across the country has increased year by year, and the annual employment demand accounts for more than half of the new jobs in the country. It is estimated that the number of graduates in 2018 will reach 8.2 million, An increase of 250000 people year-on-year. More popular professional analysis can be found in the analysis of employment prospects of postgraduate entrance examination majors in 2019

recently, Zhilian recruitment released the 2018 report on College Students' employability. The report shows that in the "2018 fresh graduates' employability Market Research" activity carried out by Zhilian recruitment, a total of 90168 fresh graduates completed the survey questionnaire, revealing the new employment trend of post-95 college graduates in the era of mobile Internet -

1 Employment is the first choice, and the fever of entrepreneurship and going abroad continues to subside

according to the results of this survey, the employment intention of fresh graduates in 2018 is still dominated by employment, accounting for 79.89%, an increase of 6.39% year-on-year. In addition, 6.99% of fresh graduates choose slow employment, 4.98% choose to continue their study at home, 4.78% choose to start a business, and 2.63% choose to continue their study abroad

compared with the data results in 2017, the proportion of people who choose to start a business decreased by 1.32%, indicating that college graduates tend to be cautious about their future career planning under the background of a more complex and volatile economic environment. In addition, the proportion of graduates who choose slow employment decreased by 2.81% year-on-year, indicating that with the reduction of College Students' understanding of the difficulty of employment, their attitude towards job hunting is more proactive

2. "Realizing personal value" is more important than "making money"

fresh graduates should first understand the scope of application of the instrument when choosing a pressure testing machine. What are the most important factors in the job search process? According to the survey results in 2018, the number of fresh graduates choosing to "realize personal value" has reached nearly twice that of choosing to "earn money". Specifically, 41.70% of fresh graduates believe that the most important factor when looking for a job is "work is an important part of my personal value", 26.97% and 23.19% of fresh graduates believe that "work must meet my interests, being happy is the most important" and "work is just a means of making a living, making money is the most important"

3. Be alert to "machine replacement" and make career planning in advance

since 2017, as China gradually enters the era of artificial intelligence, the topic of "machine replacement" has been hotly discussed. According to the survey results, even though college graduates have not officially entered the society to work, they have maintained a high degree of attention to the development of artificial intelligence. 62.52% of fresh graduates said that they "will consider engaging in more creative jobs that will not be replaced by machines"

4. Internship experience is a magic weapon for successful job search

according to the survey on the internship of fresh college graduates in 2018, only 27.23% of fresh graduates said they had not participated in any internship, 39.73% of fresh graduates had one internship experience, and 33.04% had more than two internships. Further analysis of the relationship between internship and employment shows that among fresh graduates with internship experience, 56.19% were offered, while among fresh graduates without internship experience, only 38.58% were offered. Overall, having relevant internship experience is still an important magic weapon for fresh graduates to succeed in job hunting

5. The recruitment demand of traditional manufacturing industry increased significantly

it/communication/Electronics/Internet industry, which is still the double champion of the expected employment industry and the actual employment industry of fresh graduates in 2018. However, compared with 2017, the actual employment of fresh graduates accounted for 17.49%, a year-on-year decrease of 2.81%, and lower than the expected employment of 19.67%. It shows that the Internet field continues to maintain a strong attraction for job seekers, but its ability to attract graduates is relatively limited due to the size of the enterprise

by comparing the data of the expected employment industry and the actual employment industry of fresh graduates in 2018, it can be found that the supply and demand of the IT Internet industry, sports and sports education/Arts and crafts, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery and other industries basically match, and the culture/mass media/entertainment/sports, business services show a relatively obvious reason for being reluctant to invest in the fierce competition situation of excessive demand, while the real estate/construction industry The actual employment in traditional manufacturing industries such as automobile/production/processing/manufacturing far exceeds the expected employment

6. Nearly 40% of graduates' employment positions are incompatible with their majors

by analyzing the survey data in 2018, it is found that the professional counterpart rate of fresh graduates has continued to decline. 39.2% of fresh graduates who have signed up said that their signed positions are incompatible with their majors at school, up slightly by 0.7% year-on-year, reflecting that the impact of majors on employment positions continues to decrease on university campuses. On the one hand, this phenomenon reflects that there is still a relatively obvious structural contradiction between the professional setting of colleges and universities in China and the employment demand of the market. On the other hand, it is also affected by the domestic emerging industries and business models such as "mobile Internet", "sharing economy", "fan economy", "intelligent manufacturing" and "new retail". The demand for interdisciplinary employment and diversified talents continues to rise, thus giving college students more employment opportunities

7. Private enterprises are still the absolute main force to attract employment

the survey data shows that the state-owned enterprises still rank first among the signing units expected by fresh graduates, accounting for 31.73%, indicating that the state-owned enterprises with stable jobs and high wages are still the most favored by fresh graduates. Foreign funded enterprises ranked second, accounting for 27.77%; Private enterprises ranked third, accounting for 20.85%

according to the actual signing situation, private enterprises still have the strongest ability to absorb fresh graduates, with the actual signing proportion as high as 58.62%. The actual signing rates of foreign-funded enterprises and state-owned enterprises were 14.35% and 17.85% respectively. Private enterprises similar to foreign-funded enterprises are still the absolute main force to attract employment, which also shows that the growth rate of China's private enterprises has surpassed that of foreign-funded enterprises. Although the popularity of the employer brand still needs to be further built, it already has the market strength to compete for excellent talents with international enterprises

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