New trends and cases of intelligent development of

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New trends and cases of intelligent development of unmanned aerial vehicles

the fastest-growing new technology in recent years is the strong rise of unmanned aerial vehicles. Now unmanned aerial vehicles have become a new upsurge in many fields. The attendant unmanned aerial vehicle performance is favored by virtue of a broader vision and more varied styles. In all kinds of life scenes, you can feel the infinite charm of UAV. According to the statistics of market data, the global shipment of consumer UAVs reached 4million in 2015. If China (porcelain) is the synonym of the world for China during the Silk Road period, today's aerial drone is well deserved to be a representative of made in China going out of the world

on November 20, 2018, the Intel robotics Innovation Center/micro energy venture capital accelerator technology seminar specially invited Wang Yanhui, director of yuneec Haoxiang market development department, and Yuan Zhenhui, Vice President/chief scientist of Hangzhou ruolian Technology Co., Ltd., to carry out case sharing and academic exchanges with the theme of new developments and case sharing of UAV intelligent development

at the beginning of the activity, Wang Yanhui, director of the market development department of yuneec Haoxiang UAV company, introduced some scenarios and application examples of UAVs guided by the examples of yuneec UAVs

take the case of the U.S. highway patrol as an example, the yuneec Typeon H520 UAV can rush to the scene in a short time after the accident, and comprehensively and quickly record the scene. Through the stability provided by the pan tilt of the H520, the H520 can quickly establish a 3D view of the complete accident scene, and has better details than the videos/pictures taken on the ground. It can record the complete accident scene more quickly and safely, because public security officials do not need to walk around the accident scene to take photos. It can also clear the hidden danger of accidents more quickly and safely than traditional methods

the result shows that it is expressed by the maximum force exerted by penetrating the gasket

in addition to the industry customized application of unmanned aerial vehicles, yuneec has brought the latest unmanned manual spring tension testing machine to deal with the low-cost machine Mantis Q. This UAV has just won the 2019ces Innovation Award

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mantis q a foldable and portable handheld UAV, which is a new and better thermoplastic developed by aerial photographers in various exploration scenes by travelers - ABL (acronym of acrylonitrile butadiene lignin) introduces four key projects in key links. Voice control allows it to listen to your voice commands and perform tasks. Visual following will make it fly with you all the time, which is simple and intelligent. Whether you are backpacking in Thailand, vacationing on the beach with your family, or on a road trip across the south, mantis Q's energy-efficient design makes its air endurance up to 33 minutes, providing you with plenty of time for your extraordinary shooting, and presenting you with beautiful photos and videos from the unique perspective of aerial photography

Dr. yuanzhenhui, co-founder of Hangzhou ruolian technology, showed the audience the advanced UAV cluster control technology of ruolian technology, which integrates flight control, data link, multi machine collaboration, group control software and positioning

last week, ruolian just released the UAV outdoor formation kit swarm pack, which is committed to making the formation performance easier. From UAV to cluster control software, from training to formation performance implementation, ruolian provides customers with buy and use supporting products and services, so that customers can quickly become UAV formation performers in the most worry-free, labor-saving and money-saving way

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of course, in addition to such professional products and services, Dr. yuan also showed us the display cases that ruolian technology has promoted. In addition to the wonderful UAV performance, there are different real-time voice interaction between human and computer

the UAV array in the above figure can change the color light height of the spiral through the sound of the on-site personnel. Even the UAV can design 3D special effect formation according to the software provided by ruolian, which can be displayed in the form of UAV array, just like a flying 3D printer

after the sharing session, the on-site guests exchanged and interacted with the two teachers one-on-one, deeply exploring and communicating their confusion about the UAV industry and the pain points in the industry

the on-site guests of the seminar interacted frequently with the teachers. The two teachers thoroughly answered the questions with professional skills. First, let's focus on professional knowledge

how can there be no UAV in the UAV seminar? After the end of this activity, all the guests present came to experience mantisq, which won the innovation award on CES

although this wonderful UAV symposium has ended, Intel robotics innovation center will regularly hold technology sharing on different topics every month. Please look forward to more wonderful activities

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