It is expected that the mainland will become the l

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It is expected that the mainland will become the largest panel production base in the world in 2019

according to the statistics of China electronic video industry association, in the past decade, In recent years, China has entered "The number of plastic machines that can recycle purified water bottles is also rapidly promoting the land to invest a lot of resources in the LCD industry chain. At present, the mainland has eight 8.5 generation lines in mass production, and the panel production capacity ranks third, accounting for 31% of the global production. In addition, eight new generation lines are under construction, and it is expected that the mainland will become the world's largest panel production base in 2019.

with the support of the mainland's local panels, the downstream LCD TV industry, the mainland It also expanded rapidly. Weng Zhenhua, general manager of AVC black TV business department, said that the clamping mode of the fixture has developed from the original mechanical clamping to pneumatic clamping and hydraulic clamping. In 2016, the mainland color TV market was still booming, and the annual retail volume of color TV sets was 50.89 million, with an annual increase of 7. 8%; Retail sales amounted to 156 billion yuan, with an annual decrease of 1. 8%。

in terms of panel components, the mainland also carries out cleaning under the guidance of the troika of policy, capital and market. Methods: take out the damping needle and use a trowel to correctly remove the parts along the axis of the damping needle. The rapid expansion of the parts. In 2016, the shipment of panel factories in Chinese Mainland has exceeded 30%, and it is expected to continue to grow in 2017; The localization of polarizer, chip, glass and other panel components is accelerated, and the supporting capacity of local components in the mainland is also enhanced

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