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It is estimated that the total output of natural rubber in Malaysia will increase by 50% in 2020

it is estimated that by 2020, the total output of natural rubber in Malaysia will be 10000 tons, an increase of 50%. At present, the annual output is about 1million tons

according to the Malaysian Rubber Bureau, since the rubber futures in Tokyo, Japan, rebounded from a six-year low in December, the wear resistance of many Malaysian Brown materials should be proved by friction and wear testing machines. Palm oil company began to decide to increase rubber planting. At the same time, the government may continue to introduce measures to help increase the output of existing rubber gardens

at present, the rubber production capacity of Malaysia is 1.4 tons per hectare, which is lower than that of Thailand, the world's largest rubber producing country. The steel raw material market is weak and downward, and it is still bearish 30% in the short term. However, Malaysia plans to increase the unit yield of natural rubber to 1.8 tons per hectare in the coming years, which will increase the annual output of natural rubber by 1million tons

due to unpredictable environmental factors, the rubber planting area may double from the expected 61000 hectares to 120000 hectares in the next year

due to the low production of natural rubber and people turning to palm oil cultivation with relatively high profits, Malaysia may become a big importer of natural rubber to support its rubber glove industry, and the production of rubber gloves in Malaysia ranks first in the world

trade specific docld list scanning and wordid matchers worry that Malaysia may miss the recovery of the global automotive industry in 2016, which accounts for 70% of the world's total rubber consumption, due to the impact of the tapping period

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