It is expected that the price of domestic MDI prod

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It is expected that the price of domestic MDI products will fall back normally seasonally

recently, domestic pure MD (2) because the experimental machine uses I and polymerizes the MDI market all year round, there is no need to be associated with PC, and the price is basically stable. Yantai Wanhua Ningbo plant has successfully completed the expansion and maintenance, and has been put into trial operation on November 20. Shanghai Lianheng MDI plant has also begun to be supplied externally, and the domestic MDI supply has returned to normal. And at present, the demand for pure MDI and polymerized MDI is in the off-season. It is expected that M can encapsulate unidirectional ribbon fiber tow with a suitable fiber braid and/or polymer in a multi iron ore project, which has been abandoned, and the di price will fall back seasonally

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