It is expected that the overall tight balance betw

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It is expected that the overall tight balance of coal supply and demand in the first half of 2018

it is expected that the overall tight balance of coal supply and demand in the first half of 2018

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the supply and demand of coal will directly affect the price of coal. Relevant experts predict that the overall tight balance of coal supply and demand in the first half of 2018, while the recent inventory is low, and the first price reduction of large coal enterprises can play an exemplary role

on January 17, the Bohai Rim thermal coal price index closed at 578 yuan/ton, unchanged month on month, and the coal price stopped rising and stabilized. Recently, with the national energy group and other large coal enterprises collectively announcing price cuts, the cautious and wait-and-see mood in the market has heated up. In the future, analysts said that due to the slow release of advanced production capacity, transportation capacity bottlenecks and other factors, supply and demand will be in a tight balance. Coal prices will remain high and volatile, and the market in the first quarter is expected

the Bohai Rim thermal coal price index shows that among the 24 specifications, the number of specifications whose prices increased during the reporting period remained at 3, with an increase of 5 yuan/ton, and the remaining 21 were flat month on month

the latest Qinhuangdao thermal coal price index stopped rising. Among them, 5500 kcal coal closed at 617 yuan/ton, and 5000 kcal coal closed at 598 yuan/ton, both flat with the price of the previous period

since January 10, Shanxi's seven major coal enterprises, national energy group, China Coal Group, Yitai group and many other large coal enterprises have reduced the market price of power coal by about 10-20 yuan/ton. According to incomplete statistics, up to now, more than 20 large coal enterprises have announced the reduction of coal prices

coal enterprises said that recently, the supply and demand of the coal market has become tight and the price has fluctuated greatly. The price adjustment is aimed at maintaining the stability of the power coal market price and giving play to the exemplary role of large state-owned enterprises

this is the second time that large coal enterprises have collectively lowered prices since the price reduction on the eve of the National Day in 2017. After the previous price reduction, the price of thermal coal has been on the left for a month, and has been implemented in many supermarkets

Pan Hanxiang, an expert, told the China Securities Journal that the mechanical performance of large-scale coal cannot be reduced this round, and enterprises will take the lead in reducing prices, which will play a certain exemplary role and promote the market price to stop rising and stabilize

some analysts said that as large coal enterprises collectively announced price cuts, caution and wait-and-see sentiment in the market rose, putting pressure on spot thermal coal prices in the Bohai Rim region

"before the Spring Festival, the market pattern of weak supply and strong demand is difficult to be effectively improved." Pan Hanxiang predicted that "the quality of collective price adjustment of coal enterprises will also be discounted; the second reason is that it may be difficult to fundamentally reverse the market in the future after-sales service, and it is difficult to significantly reduce coal prices."

pan Hanxiang said that the production target of 2017 has been completed. With the consideration of production safety before the Spring Festival, starting from January 2018, the construction of upstream coal mines fell month on month. As the Spring Festival approaches, the miners will stop production and have holidays in succession, and the overall supply is limited. In terms of demand, the social demand for electricity fell during the Spring Festival, but at present, the inventory level of coastal power plants is only maintained at about 10million tons, and the available days are only days, so the inventory level is low. It is expected that there will be a round of centralized stock replenishment action in the downstream power plant in late January and early February

some analysts said that the price of spot power coal is facing callback pressure, focusing on chemical, machinery, electronics, household appliances, food, textile, large complete sets of equipment and other industries. In the past month, the fluctuation of spot coal price has significantly exceeded the change range of supply and demand, and there is a phenomenon of "over rising". With the weakening of stimulus factors, market expectations face a shift

many insiders told the China Securities Journal that the coal price probability was relatively stable in the first quarter, maintaining high fluctuations. Analysts at CSC said they were optimistic about the performance of the coal sector in the first quarter. The thermal coal market is still in the peak season, and the recent large-scale rain and snow weather has intensified the tension between supply and demand. In 2018, due to the slow release of advanced production capacity, the bottleneck of transportation capacity and the low overall volume of imported coal, and the historically low inventory of the coal industry, it is expected that the overall supply and demand of coal will be in tight balance in the first half of this year

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