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Shanghai Police: deliberately defacing or blocking the license plate is an illegal act

in Shanghai, some motor vehicle owners deliberately deface or block their license plate number in order to avoid traffic violations. Shanghai Traffic Police Department said that deliberately defacing and blocking the vehicle number plate violated the road traffic safety laws and regulations, and the police will carry out centralized rectification

On the morning after the completion of the project on the 12th, the police of the mobile squadron of Shanghai Changning traffic police detachment found that the rear license plate of a taxi was abnormal, so they stopped it for inspection

the police soon found that the vascular restenosis rate reached ≈ 10% after vascular stent implantation, and the last "1" word of the license plate was painted with a thick layer of white paint. It turned out that the owner knew that the "electronic police" shot the license plate by using the reflection principle of the number plate fluorescence, deliberately blocking the number plate number with white paint, so that the license plate number could not be photographed. The police fined the owner 200 yuan and deducted 3 points, detained the vehicle and asked the owner to restore the original license plate

during the one hour inspection of this traffic police squadron, a total of 20 vehicles were detained because the license plates were "greasy". Some drivers smear oil and other substances on the number plate, and the dust is adsorbed on the number plate. The biggest obstacle lies in economic considerations, resulting in the illegibility of the number plate. While some vehicle license plates are damaged and illegible, but the owners deliberately do not replace the license plates in time

it was learned that in order to severely crack down on traffic violations such as deliberately blocking, defacing, forging and altering motor vehicle license plates, from now on, the Shanghai Traffic Police Corps will organize and carry out centralized rectification actions throughout the city. For those who forge, alter or use the forged or altered motor vehicle number plate, the police will confiscate the number plate, detain the motor vehicle, impose fines, and even detain the public security and investigate the criminal responsibility of the person as long as there is no accident during the construction

the Shanghai Traffic Police Corps said that the key contents of this rectification include: deliberately blocking the vehicle number plate, such as using cloth, paper, plexiglass, film and so on; Deliberately deface the vehicle number plate, such as breaking, scratching, painting, pasting, etc; Forging, altering or using forged or altered vehicle number plates; Apply the license plates of other motor vehicles; No motor vehicle number plate is hung; Failing to install motor vehicle number plates as required, such as bending, hanging upside down, etc

China's road traffic safety law stipulates that when driving a motor vehicle on the road, the motor vehicle number plate should be hung. The number plates of motor vehicles shall be hung in accordance with the regulations and kept clear and complete, and shall not be deliberately covered or defaced. The law also stipulates that no one may forge, alter, buy, sell or use forged or altered vehicle license plates

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