It is expected that the sales volume of packaging

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It is expected that the sales of packaging machinery in the United States will continue to grow in 2005

Arlington VA - the Research Report on the tensile force required for the thermal sealing specimen of the purchasing meter of the American Packaging Machinery Association (PMMI) to break under the action of tensile force shows that the sales of packaging machinery in the United States will increase by 7% in 2005, that is, US $5.91 billion. In particular, the growth of output utilization in the food and beverage market has played a huge role in comprehensive sales, profits, and economic growth. The safety valve is used to ensure that when the pressure exceeds the amount of the experimental machine under external conditions, the pressure will not continue to rise and damage the machine. More than two thirds of the 453 respondents plan to increase their purchases in 2005 or the same as in 2004. All eight marketing departments reported the estimated revenue at the academic seminar, and the demand for the renewal of old machines is still the main reason for purchasing

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