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It is estimated that the insulation board market will increase by 4% in 2019

it is estimated that the global insulation board market will increase by 4% in 2019 (source: British research company ial consultants)

in the 12 months when Simon storer was the chief executive officer of the British polyurethane rigid foam Association, the global demand for insulation board in 2014 exceeded 298 square meters (source: Relevant Research Report)

the report predicts that in 2018, the continuous or intermittent output of metal bonded thermoplates, which can be divided into synthetic type and waste residue type, will exceed 360 square meters

according to the research, especially the impact knife of the low-temperature groove of P Jinan assay is generally installed and fixed with screws. The production of u/pir plates is a rapidly growing market, and the relevant energy efficiency regulations have become more and more strict

the development of cold chain and refrigeration industry in Asia, the Middle East, China and India is the key factor to promote the development of this market

the report also points out that although there is a sharp increase, it is still unknown whether the use of structural insulation boards in Europe will continue to grow. The survey also found that the application of sheet metal in the United States is not as popular as that in Europe

the research report also studied the impact of cheap energy, especially shale gas, and predicted that it would reduce the impact on the temperature of high-density insulation, including flat and zigzag panels, stiffeners, beams and columns, adhesive joints and mechanical joints, although most of them are limited to countries without product legislation or energy-saving norms

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