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ODM, a printing equipment manufacturer, has launched two types of binding equipment for hardcover books. Ondemandmachine (ODM), a printing equipment manufacturer, recently launched two new products specially designed for the production of hardcover books

according to ODM, XXL series is mainly composed of stickerxxl and smasherxxl, which can produce library level hardcover books for customers in Central China

stickerxxl and smasherxxl have specifications ranging from 4x4x132 inches to 18x18x4 inches. They can produce up to 300 covers per hour, and can be automatically adjusted to shorten the preparation time for operation

It is a pulsating cycle

odm Gongjin coating free team has adopted the effect of special structure powder and unique powder surface treatment technology. The Department said that these two types of equipment are the ideal printing market for binding primary hardcover books

8. Before printing parameters to be printed, check whether there is paper in the printer

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