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On January 21, the second day of the "great cold" solar term, Xiangtan Hengxin Industrial Co., Ltd., located in Shaoshan, Hunan Province, was bustling. The shuttle car products it developed and produced were in red and white, and slowly drove out of the factory under the eyes of the whole company, embarking on the journey to Kenya in Africa

"shuttle car is an important equipment widely used in mine transportation. In recent years, our shuttle car products have not only been favored in the domestic market, but also exported to Indonesia, Vietnam and other countries. This export to Kenya marks that our products have officially entered the African market!" Xiaopingping, chairman of the company, said with uncontrollable excitement

however, not all mining machinery manufacturing enterprises are as lucky as Xiangtan Hengxin under the severe situation of great downward pressure on the economy and the mining economy in the cold winter. It is understood that with the serious overcapacity of bulk products such as coal, steel, non-ferrous metals and cement, and the successive closure or shutdown of small and medium-sized mining enterprises, many mining machinery and equipment manufacturers "associated" with mining enterprises have also begun to fall into the quagmire of "difficult to sell goods and difficult to obtain accounts"

then, where is the way out for China's mining machinery and equipment enterprises? Can they break a path of rebirth in the "ambush"

the dream of "golden decade" is hard to return

"success is nothing but failure". This can be used to describe the relationship between mining enterprises and mining machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises in the past 10 years and at present

since the surface damage caused by rough polishing in 2005 was the secondary consideration factor, with the global economy entering the upward channel, China's economic development has also ushered in a rare opportunity. Various economic indicators are very beautiful and eye-catching, and China has become the second largest economy in the world. The mining industry, which provides an important material basis for economic development, has made great contributions in this round of development cycle, and naturally has a lot of benefits

in the past 10 years, China's mining industry has been booming, and various data have been constantly updated. The output of bulk industrial products, including steel, coal, cement and non-ferrous metals, has increased at a "blowout" rate. According to rough statistics, from 2005 to 2014, the national coal output increased from 2.273 billion tons to 3.87 billion tons, the cement output increased from 1.068 billion tons to 2.492 billion tons, and the iron ore output increased from 420 million tons to 1.514 billion tons. With the rapid development of high-speed railways, highways, especially the real estate industry, the output of non-ferrous metals, sand and gravel aggregate and other industries has also "tumbled"

the sustained and rapid development of mining economy, especially the expansion and transformation of old mines and the completion and operation of new mines, cannot be separated from the strong support of the mining machinery and equipment industry. In the past 10 years, mining, dressing and smelting equipment manufacturers serving mining enterprises have also been singing loudly. Even if the original equipment manufacturers are running at full capacity and speeding up production, they often can not meet the market demand. Some new equipment manufacturers are optimistic about this business opportunity and have joined the mining machinery and equipment industry to share this feast

Sany Heavy Industry Group, which is quite famous in China, used to mainly research and develop engineering machinery and equipment. After seizing the opportunity for the great development of the coal industry, they set up Sany Heavy Equipment Group in Shenyang, which mainly develops and produces coal mining machinery and equipment such as shearers and roadheaders. In just a few years, Sany Heavy equipment successfully entered the domestic coal market and made a lot of money in the red coal age

Xiangtan Hengxin Industrial Co., Ltd., which is committed to the research, development and production of "monkey car", an overhead passenger device in the mine, can be described as "jumping" in the past 10 years, and the annual sales output value is increasing at an average double-digit rate

"our company currently operates more than 1500 'monkey cars' with a running length of more than 1400km. More than 600000 miners take our' monkey cars' to and from work every day." Xiao Pingping told China mining news with his fingers in his hands, "if it were not for the strong demand of the 10-year golden period of mining industry, our 'monkey car' products would not have such a large market share."

relevant data show that in 2005, the total output value of China's mining machinery industry was only 43.381 billion yuan. However, by 2014, the output value of the whole industry had reached 461.988 billion yuan, an increase of more than 10 times in 10 years

misfortune brings happiness. There are huge risks hidden behind the 10-year prosperity. The once glorious mining industry fell from heaven to hell in a twinkling of an eye, and the mining machinery and equipment industry, which shares its weal and woe, is naturally difficult to survive. According to the data, in 2015, the domestic mining industry showed a trend of decline across the board, with the national iron ore output of 1.381 billion tons, a year-on-year decrease of 7.7%; Raw coal output reached 3.68 billion tons, a year-on-year decrease of 3.5%; The total output of 10 non-ferrous metals was 50.9 million tons, with the growth rate falling by 1.44 percentage points; The cement output was 2.348 billion tons, a year-on-year decrease of 4.9%

unlike other consumables, mining machinery and equipment have the characteristics of large one-time investment, long service time and slow update speed. Except for large-scale one-time purchase of technical transformation and new mines, they are rarely purchased in batches at ordinary times. Especially when the current economy has entered the downward channel, the degree of production capacity has been increasing, and the field has been expanding, the new market demand for mining machinery and equipment has decreased sharply, while the existing market has already been saturated, and its overcapacity will become inevitable

however, the reality seems more cruel than expected. Recently, the heavy tax burden and low profit margin of domestic manufacturing industry have become the focus of social attention, which to a large extent reflects the dilemma of China's mining machinery and equipment industry

"at present, many mining machinery and equipment manufacturers are either unable to sell their products after they are produced, or they are unable to collect the payment for goods after they are finally sold. They are only in the stage of barely sustaining." An industry insider said, "the rising labor costs and various taxes and fees that need to be paid make it even worse for mining machinery and equipment enterprises."

this is the common problem faced by many domestic mining machinery manufacturers. It is reported that a large state-owned coal enterprise in Henan Province, due to the serious decline in economic benefits, has only defaulted on the machinery and equipment payment of nearly billion yuan in recent years. Many equipment suppliers have repeatedly come to the door for help, mostly returning empty handed

the continuous increase of payables and long-term arrears have directly affected the normal production and operation activities of mining machinery and equipment manufacturers. A coal mine equipment manufacturer in Hunan has an annual sales value of about 100million yuan, and the equipment payment in arrears has accumulated to about 50million yuan. What makes this enterprise more tearful is that some coal mines that owe them equipment funds were closed during the capacity removal, which means that many of the external loans owed by this enterprise will become permanent "dead accounts" and there is no possibility of repayment

the new situation brings new momentum

if the prosperity of the mining economy is a barometer of the mining machinery and equipment industry, then the economic and social development trend is undoubtedly a wind vane for the development of the mining machinery and equipment industry

if a worker wants to be good at something, he must first sharpen his tools. It can be said that under the current economic new normal, the five development concepts established by the state, as well as a series of policies on ecological civilization construction, capacity reduction, transformation and upgrading, have provided a new direction and added new momentum to the mining machinery and equipment industry

green development is the development direction and ultimate goal of the mining industry. On november29,2016, the national mineral resources planning (2016-2020) issued by the Ministry of land and resources stressed the need to comprehensively promote the construction of green exploration, green mining and green mining development demonstration areas, and accelerate the transformation of resource utilization and mining development. The implementation of the new environmental protection law, known as "the strictest in history" and "armed to the teeth", is more like a sword of Damocles, hanging on the head of mining enterprises all the time

there is no doubt that environmental protection, efficient mining and green sustainable development have become the lifeline of mining enterprises. Only by seizing the opportunity, acting according to the situation, taking advantage of the situation, and actively participating in this long-term environmental protection war that concerns the survival of enterprises, can the mining machinery and equipment turn the crisis into an opportunity, make a difference, and fight a way out of self-respect

Hunan Jiujiu mining safety Co., Ltd. used to mainly produce and install underground lifesaving silos and other equipment. In recent years, with the increasingly stringent requirements of the state on environmental protection and the recession of the mining industry, they timely transformed, developed and produced spray dust removal equipment, and achieved a magnificent turn

"there are a large number of domestic mining machinery and equipment manufacturers, and the production capacity of various products has been significantly surplus, and vicious competition is very serious. If you want to continue to develop in this field, you must highlight environmental protection, otherwise you will only have a dead end." Liuliming, the chairman of the company, who has operated in the field of mining equipment for many years and has successively developed and produced "monkey cars", refuge chamber equipment and other mining equipment, said with a smile, pointing to the company's newly developed fog gun machine and air spray dust remover, "these spray dust removal equipment developed by our company comply with the national environmental protection requirements and have a good dust removal effect for open-pit mining that is prone to dust."

huyouyi, President of China gravel Association, after observing the scene, praised the company's spray dust removal equipment and believed that this equipment has a good application prospect in the gravel and aggregate industry. He pointed out that at present, gravel aggregate enterprises are no longer small workshops at the traditional gate, but have entered a new era of rapid transformation and upgrading. The prediction of the situation of the sand and gravel aggregate industry, as well as the application of new concepts, new business models, new technologies and new equipment, will directly determine whether it will be "cut off" in the "sand field"

like other coal, steel and other industries, the transformation and upgrading of China's sand and gravel aggregate mainly lies in the "upgrading" of equipment and technology

in fact, in recent years, in order to reduce the environmental pollution caused by mine crushing, many domestic crushing and screening machines have begun to reduce dust by various means. At the Shanghai BMW exhibition opened on November 22, 2016, environmental protection has also become the focus of foreign exchanges among major mining machinery enterprises. It is understood that at present, during the construction of many domestic cement enterprises and machine-made sand and gravel production lines, the control of dust and noise pollution has been taken as the focus of project construction

there is no doubt that the green development of mining enterprises is imperative in the future, and the improvement of environmental protection technology of mining machinery will become an important link. At the same time, the intensive and intelligent development of mining enterprises also provides a new stage and new kinetic energy for mining machinery and equipment enterprises

the intensification and high efficiency of mining enterprises mainly depend on the large-scale mining machinery industry. At present, large-scale coal mines with an annual design production capacity of millions or even tens of millions of tons can be found everywhere, as well as iron ore, non-ferrous metals, including sand and gravel aggregate industries. The past "small-scale" will be replaced by modern and large-scale mines

take the machine-made sand and stone industry as an example. With the full implementation of the closure of small sand and stone mines in China, the past workshop production situation will be completely changed. In 2014 alone, more than 10000 small sandstone enterprises were closed nationwide. In 2015, local governments continued to make efforts. In Jiulong River, Fujian Province, there were 138 local sand and gravel aggregate enterprises, but only 3 backbone enterprises remained within two months. Create new items while small businesses are shut down

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